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Picture of Jennifer Hammonds modelling for Influencer Photography

Project Detail

Jennifer is our Digital Brand Manager and has her own Social Media Management business. She is also a Influencer and Plus-Size Model. Jennifer has booked multiple shoots for new photos for her Social Media and Influencer account to build her own personal brand, but also have a portfolio for upcoming modelling projects.


Jennifer is a power lifter and has done her own fitness transformation photoshoot with us to celebrate her change in physique on her fitness journey – and is working towards competing in power lifting soon! We have also done some creative head shots for her personal branding and modelling portfolio. Jennifer has also used us for influencer photography for brand collaborations that have paid for her to model their product and post on social media, to showcase body inclusivity and diversity.


Client: Jennifer Hammonds: Plus-Sized Model and Social Media Influencer
Brief:Fitness Transformation, Personal Branding, Product Photography, Lifestyle Photography, Influencer Photography
Shoot Length:2 hour shoots

We’ve done multiple photoshoots with Jennifer. She has taken part in brand partnership photoshoots as part of her influencer role, and been a model for some of our client’s photoshoots for their product photography. Throughout her shoots we’ve utilised the studio using different backgrounds and props, and used our beautiful natural outdoors locations at the studio too, as well as other on site locations for lifestyle product photography.

Check out Jennifer on her Instagram: jenthebear_

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