Homeware Lighting Photography - CGI Background

Homeware Lighting Product Photography

Project Detail

For this project, we planned to create sleek and stylish homeware images fit for magazines. The process for this was an interesting one. We decided to create the final image by shooting the lighting firstly on a white background, with the image then being edited into the wooden panel wall using CGI.


This resulted in a stylish and clean effect, also allowing a range of different versions. One version displays the light turned on in the nighttime, with CGI being used to create a warm glow, and one version showing the light turned off in the daytime.


This not only demonstrates the endless possibilities of using CGI, but also provides something practically valuable to the end customer, who can see the product both static and in use.

The story of this project

The images began as clean white background images, shot in our product photography studio. It was important to have the white background photos professionally lit and bright enough to appear realistic when undergoing CGI.


Through CGI, the contemporary wooden panel walls were added in and edited to appear realistic. This was then complemented with glowing effects around the light to show its lighting functionality. As it’s important to remember in product photography, a photo can look great, but it must also explain the product’s features, functions and details to the end customer.

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