HNNY - Sports Product Photoshoot

Project Detail

HNNY is a new brand and decided to capture their new product, so they needed a variety of photos to capture their gym bag and show it off to their customers on Amazon and their content on Instagram. To do this, we shot both at the studio as well as on location, House of Gain.



Shoot Length   2 hours

Location & Lifestyle Photography

At the shoot location, we used a mixture of a flashgun and a single key light to brighten up the scene which included the male model with the product, either standing with just the bag or doing exercises with it in the shot. Our client allowed us to have full creative freedom when taking the photographs as we believe we know how to craft the perfect picture to show off the product.

Studio – E-Commerce Product Photo’s

After this, we shot the product at our studio. We used a clean, white background for the female model photos, showing that this bag can be used by both genders, and anyone can use it. The use of props played a key feature into showing the audience that the product is very spacious with a lot of pockets and features so the customer can put whatever they want in it. It was also essential to capture it from various angles so that whoever was viewing the bag they were sure what it looked like and can also see the quality of the material used. The props we used were also around the fitness topic such as water bottles, a towel, shoes, and a skipping rope.

Studio – Amazon Product Photo

We utilised the product photos that we shot on the white background and then edited them by removing the backgrounds to optimise them for Amazon listings. These were then delivered to our client ready to use.

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