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One of our regular clients, Haywood & Padgett are a celebrated producer of some amazing foodstuffs, including their flagship wide range of delicious scones. They bake over 6 million scones per week in their Barnsley bakery, and their products are sold in all the major supermarkets, including Asda, Ocado and Sainsbury’s.

The brand needed some professional product photography to be shared with such distributors for their own marketplaces, as well as for sharing on their social media channels, so they sent some stock across the short 20-minute distance to the Picture Perfect Photography studio here in South Yorkshire.

ClientHaywood & Padgett
Shoot Length2.5 hours
Images Delivered30

For anybody who knows how to take afternoon tea, you’ll know that scones are the cornerstone of any afternoon tea, and our brief was to bring in strong afternoon tea tones as we photographed three flavours of Haywood & Padgett’s beautiful scones.

The biggest challenge during this shoot was that our client required a fast turnaround. To give it a context, we received the brief on Friday morning and the images were needed by Monday. We are always up for that kind of challenge though, and we got straight to work. We devised the concepts, sourced props and additional food accompaniments on Friday, captured a wide variety of images over the weekend, then edited and delivered the content by Monday, as required.

Ever the consummate professionals, we also managed to capture some bonus content for the client, who were delighted with the results and have shared the images across their social media channels, as well as a great behind-the-scenes video that showed us hard at work capturing their professional content. It is always a pleasure to work with Haywood & Padgett, who give us the benefit of strong trust in our work, and our vision for bringing their delightful food to life.    

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