Habitat - Homeware Product Photography

Habitat Homeware - Product Photography

Project Detail

Homeware photography is commonly used to demonstrate a full product range, painting an aspirational picture of the lifestyle the range creates. Habitat are known for their household furnishings, and photography that’s in a real-life setting. That’s why we thought it would be an exciting project to bring their products into a more modern photoshoot. The positioning of the products as well as the block colour backgrounds certainly create this modern look we were after.

Shoot length1.5 hour

The story of this project

Some of you may be aware of our Haywood & Padgett product photoshoot for our Made in Yorkshire project, which initially kicked off this Habitat idea. Whilst we were photographing Haywood & Padgett’s scones, we realised that the props used within that shoot were all from one range – Habitat.


And so, after the scone photoshoot we took a few shots of the homeware products too… on the same bankground, in the same style.

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