Gritty Fitness Photography – Dale Turner

Capturing personal training services, indoors and outdoors.
Personal Trainer Fitness Photography - Dale Turner

Project Detail

Clients come to us with a variety of fitness shoot requests, requiring different tones and themes to their fitness images. For us, we can create anything in terms of fitness photography. Photography is very much like painting, the canvas for both us, and the client is completely blank and open in the beginning. It is then the partnership of ideas that fuse together an exciting end result. 

ClientDale Turner
SkillsFitness & Transformation
Personal Trainer Fitness Photography - Dale Turner
Personal Trainer Fitness Photography - Dale Turner
Personal Trainer Fitness Photography - Dale Turner

The story of this project

Dale expressed that he’d like to shoot within a local gym, The House Of Gain. This Barnsley-based establishment is exactly what a fitness enthusiast like Dale would want for his fitness shoot. It’s colourful, epic, and gritty. For fitness shoots, we only use two lights. This creates amazing depth and shadow that really shows off results, resulting in images that reflect a proud milestone in clients’ fitness journeys.


Coloured lighting is also an option depending on the type of shots we are trying to go for, this helps to create certain tones and moods. We chose to shoot at the House of Gain as it is a fairly large gym, meaning there are plenty of spaces and machines for photo opportunities.


This also creates plenty of space to capture the more posed shots. Dale wanted the images to have a gritty and dark atmosphere to them, making his physique the main focus of the images, so this location was the perfect place for it.

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