Good Performance Nutrition - Fitness Product Photography

Project Detail

We shot product photography for fitness and supplement brand, Good Performance Nutrition. When working with GPN, we needed a wide variety and spread of images for their social media.



Shoot Length – 4 Hours


Total Images – 124

Product and Lifestyle Photography

They let us choose the locations of the shoot, so we decided on a kitchen, a gym, and our studio for the product shots, which meant they also trusted our initiative. In the studio, we captured how the products are meant to be used and showed off a wide range of flavours they have by propping their packaging with fruits to match the flavours. As well as using black backgrounds at the studio, we shot in a dark gym so it can relate to the clients’ brand and used the female model to do this. From this shoot, we wanted to achieve both product and lifestyle shots for GPN which is why we decided to shoot both at a kitchen and the studio. Shooting at the gym meant we kept our equipment to a minimum using just flash guns to light the scene. In addition to this, the gym was busy, so we had to remember to keep other members in mind.

Studio Product Photography

On Location – Gym Product Photography

On Location – Kitchen Product Photography

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