Whites Bakery - Commercial Food Photography

Creating mouthwatering food photography with a commercial edge

Whites Bakery - Food Photography

Project Detail

Creating mouthwatering food photography doesn’t come without careful planning, especially when we needed to include a commercial edge. Prior to shooting, we discussed creative ideas and directions with White’s Bakery. We find this a great way to begin any photography project, as this allows more time to develop ideas during and leading up to shoots.

ClientWhite's Bakery
SkillsBakery, Food Manufacture
Whites Bakery - Food Photography

The story of this project

The key aspect of any commercial food photography shoot is ensuring the food looks as mouthwatering as possible, so we used several tricks to enhance the appearance of the food. For instance, we brushed some of the food products with baby oil to create an appetising glaze.


We created consistent shots for Whites Bakery by creating pencil markings to place products with continuity. We also made sure to get the correct lighting from the outset of the shoot, using appropriate lighting techniques for white background photography and asking the client’s opinion on the lighting setup.


We professionally retouched the images to clean them up. As well, that we could even combine two different products images together in Photoshop, taking the best bits from both to create one perfect product image. We did this with a gingerbread man, Photoshopping purple buttons onto him to create colours that are in line with Whites Bakery’s brand guidelines.

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