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ClientFit Around Life
Shoot Lengthphotos taken across multiple 2hr shoots
Images Deliveredmultiple

We recently did some more work with Lizzie, the Personal Trainer behind the fitness and lifestyle brand, Fit Around Life. Lizzie’s business is based out of Barnsley, South Yorkshire, and it specialises in women’s fitness and helping mums throughout and after their pregnancy.

We have been working with Fit Around Life for 4 months, shooting three different sessions as part of a larger project. These shoots would be a studio session where we could capture 9 people in a group shoot as part of a body confidence session, a live session of Lizzie undertaking a mums and babies fitness class in her Barnsley studio, and then finally a staged PT session with her clients, and some professional headshots for Lizzie.

Lizzie had originally wanted to try to incorporate all of the shoots into a single day, but with the logistics of different types of shoot and many different subjects, it made more sense to spread the work and the time demands over smaller, more manageable shoots, which allowed both Lizzie and Collette to prepare in advance. This strategy worked out beautifully, giving us much better and more diverse image results, and of course it made for a far less stressful experience for all.

Whenever we shoot lots of people in one session, challenges always lie in coordinating everybody, especially in a relatively small space such as the studio.

Lizzie had some lovely words for us about her experience, “I have followed Collette for a while on Instagram, and I felt it would be a nice confidence booster for my clients if I were to reward them with a photoshoot by Collette. They were given a few months’ notice, which gave them something to aim for with their fitness goals… Before working with Collette, most of my social media images were selfies and shot at home. Now I have a mixture of professional shots and the relaxed pictures I take myself, it’s a nice variety… Knowing Collette is a bodybuilder herself was a big draw, because I knew she knew what she was looking for… We really enjoyed the experience.”

To Summarise

If you’re a Personal Trainer who’s looking for a great way to reward their clients with transformation, group or body confidence photography, then get in touch with the team and discuss your goals. As Lizzie says, Collette knows exactly what she’s looking for when it comes to fitness photography, and she is renowned for putting her subjects totally at ease during photography shoots.

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