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We were honoured to recently work with ERYX Gear, to photograph some of their training and fight gear in our South Yorkshire photography studio.

Endorsed by Pro Fighters on UFC Fight Pass, Cage Warriors and Bellator, amongst others, ERYX supplies premium quality t-shirts and shorts that we were delighted to capture on their behalf.  

ClientERYX Gear
Shoot Length4 hours
Images Delivered81

It was our first time working with ERYX, and they trusted us to do our thing to present their gear in the best possible way, sending across three example images that highlighted the kinds of photography they had in mind.  

The brief was to present flat lay product images, that the client could use on their website, social media platforms and also on promotional banners on their stand at the recent Arnold’s Sports Festival UK Expo in Birmingham.  

We had all of the gear steamed upon delivery from the client, to ensure they were pristine for the photo shoot, which took half a day to complete.  

We captured twelve individual products in front of the brand’s colours, with sets and group images to show the full range in a variety of ways. To give more uniformity and continuity to the shots, we kept the shooting angle consistent, which also enabled us to be more time efficient.  

During the shoot, we directly communicated with Richard from ERYX, to give him real time updates and image previews to ensure we were all on the same page for the visuals, and to guarantee client satisfaction, as highlighted by Richard’s glowing comments. 

“The photos look better than I could have imagined, and they’re going to make our ad agency’s job so much easier. I knew I would love them.” 

Knowing what the photos would be used for, we used our Capture One software to crop the images into banner, landscape, and square format while shooting to ensure nothing important would be cropped off the images. Checking that they would be fit for purpose, no matter whether they were used on upright roller banners, landscape website banners, or as square photos for social media platforms such as Instagram, one of which you can find here 

It was a real pleasure to work with Richard and ERYX on these photos for their amazing brand, and we look forward to hopefully working together again in the future.  

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