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Project detail

We recently worked with Equipped Gym alongside our video partners Big Sky Creative, to capture some great eCommerce photography and video content for use on the Equipped Gym Amazon and eBay sales channels, which were designed to demonstrate and show their products in the best possible light and help them to generate more sales through their third-party sales channels. As ever the images would also be heavily used across the brand’s social media channels, because of course the beauty of visual content is that it is 100% multi-purpose – it is as suited for your sales channels as it is your brochures and social media.

ClientEquipped Gym
Shoot Length5 hours
Images Delivered65
Videos Delivered5 Product Videos

Our client had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve with the shoots, which helped us optimise our time and create a clear shot list before we had even unpacked a dumbbell.  

The eCommerce shoot was demanding in that we took delivery of lots of heavy equipment, which took an hour or so get unpacked and into our photography studio (this content was shot at both our studio and at the Big Sky video studio, so this time was doubled up). You can watch a great behind-the-scenes video of the shoot at our Yorkshire studio, where our company founder and principal photographer Collette Evans talks through her creative process, here.

With eCommerce photography, it is vital that we achieve consistency with the shoot. This meant we used tripods to ensure the angle was the same, and we made sure the products remained on a marked spot to keep that consistency flowing through everything we shot. This consistency was reflected in the professionalism of the shots we captured.

Because the images were to be used in an eCommerce setting, we supplied them in a variety of image aspect ratios, with the backgrounds removed, to provide a super-clean finish. The images were optimised for websites such as Amazon and eBay, including brand names and product descriptions embedded into the file names, to help with Search Engine Optimisation. Many people now do their online shopping by searching images, before entering an online shop, so this is vital for helping our clients to maximise their outlay by enlisting the help of professional photographers like us here at Picture Perfect Photography.

We also created some images for social media platforms in our gym set up in the studio for Facebook and Instagram.

The series of product videos highlighting the product benefits can be viewed below.

To Summarise

Overall, this was a challenging but rewarding shoot, and one which we are confident will provide our client with a superior return on their investment.

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