Cosmetic Product Photography

Estēe Lauder, Lancôme, Isle of Paradise & St. Tropez. Cosmetic product photography, made creatively.

Creative Product Photography - Lancôme lipstick

Project Detail

The aim of this creative product shoot was to capture simple but striking product photography that captivated audience attention, but without distraction. There is a fine balance between creating an image that is visually engaging and an image that is visually overwhelming, so when it comes to product photography, we ensure that the product is always the sole focus.

SkillsMakeup, Product, Retouching
Creative Product Photography - St Tropez

The story of this project

The images were given that final special touch by our new professional retoucher ( to add an even more polished finish. We are really happy with the results, the products really stand out in their own right and demand the attention they deserve.

Creating campaign worthy product photos

We created special backgrounds and sets which worked effectively to showcase each product as the star of the show. We love the dripping effect achieved in the Estēe Lauder makeup image, this really sets an impression of motion within the photo that invites interaction. This almost compels you to imagine trying to catch the droplet before it can fall, which is a really fun touch!

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