Cosmetic Photoshoot Liverpool – Pura Cosmetics

On-location corporate photoshoot with Pura Cosmetics

Product Photography - Pura Cosmetics

Project Detail

Using a variety of models and props, we created a vibrant and exciting set of product images for Pura Cosmetics. At the Shankly Hotel in Liverpool, we had lots of creative backdrops and rooms to make use of. We made full use of the different locations available in order to provide a full set of variety, yet consistent brand images.

ClientPura Cosmetics

The story of this project

As well as lifestyle photography, we also shot close up product photography. This was in order to create a strong combination of product photos that display it both creatively in use and also showcase its details. This combination of photography creates the important balance of practicality and style, giving the end customer an impression of both the product features and the brand’s personality.

Product Photography - Pura Cosmetics
Product Photography - Pura Cosmetics

Never ending content

Using our photography subscription services, Pura Cosmetics acquired a huge variety of social media and website ready images. Many clients find photography subscription a great way to have never ending content that consistently impresses and helps build a memorable brand. Interested in a photography subscription?

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