Corporate Fitness Photoshoot – Olivia Davies

Corporate Fitness Photography

Project Detail

We shot this casual fitness brand photoshoot in Sheffield city centre, the client needed some photos to promote her personal training business and also capture her pre UKBFF competition condition.

The feel for fitness photography was bright, airy and relaxed, so we opted to shoot outdoors. We advised the client to bring clothing changes to the shoot so we could mix things up in each shot.

ClientOlivia Davis
SkillsFitness & nutrition
Corporate Fitness Photography
Corporate Fitness Photography
Corporate Fitness Photography

Adding a commercial edge to fitness photos

It was important that we included the fitness brands that Olivia uses in her day to day nutrition and diet program and so she brought some protein bars, props, and shakers to include in the photos.

We moved around a lot, using a wide variety of backgrounds that are available in Sheffield, just finding great locations as we came across them. Sometimes photoshoots can work out better when you only have a loose plan and go with the flow. The most important thing is always to know where the pictures will be used afterward and also the tone of the business, if its for a fitness brand or personal trainer.

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