On Location Product & Fashion – Dye For

Clothing & Product Photography for Lincolnshire based company, DYEFOR.

Dyefor Clothing Photography

Project Detail

The branding guidelines set by our client, DYEFOR, were that they wanted to achieve a classy feel to the clothing images using neutral and marble backgrounds. The company produce personalised products such as towels, phone cases, suitcases and also pyjamas.

Specialism Fashion

The story of this project

We brought props to the shoot, as well as carry out industry research beforehand to ensure we arrived with plenty of well informed photography concepts. 


We directed a variety of poses throughout the shoot to ensure the clothing photography demonstrated different moods, styling and attitudes.


We also ensured that we created closeup clothing photos, since the quality of clothing materials is an especially important purchasing factor when buying online. 

Dyefor Clothing Photography

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