Chemical Warfare- Zack Khan Athlete Bodybuilding Photo & Video

Project detail

We were recently enlisted by Chemical Warfare-sponsored professional athlete and bodybuilder Zack Khan to capture a series of videos at the Muscle Fusion gym in Sheffield, which Chemical Warfare would publish to their YouTube to showcase his workouts, and highlight the key products that he uses in his training regimes.

ClientChemical Warfare
Shoot Length1.5 hours x4
Images Delivered65
Videos Delivered4 You Tube Videos

The fitness industry is a great space, where those within it thrive from sharing knowledge and creating motivational content that will inspire others to push on with their own journeys, so Zack and Chemical Warfare were super keen to share his own extensive knowledge with their audience.

It was a great experience working with the charismatic Zack, as he’s excellent in front of the camera. He’s also a former marketing professional, so he fully understands the importance of building effective personal branding and product promotion, which translates to some really great authentic content that delivers exactly what the Chemical Warfare audience demands.

These sessions were not without their challenges; Zack is a very busy man, and getting our shooting schedule to align with his  training or around injuries was difficult. We were also somewhat challenged by audio practicalities. Muscle Fusion is a very loud gym, so there was plenty of work to do in post-production to bring the audio of Zack speaking up and out from the ambient noise of the gym.

All in all, it was a great experience, working with a media savvy professional athlete like Zack, for an established and prestigious bodybuilding brand in Chemical Warfare.

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