BULK - Men's Activewear

Project Detail

We photographed the new men’s activewear range for BULK at our Yorkshire photography studio.

The e-commerce photos that we created with the BULK team were used on their website for product listings for their new men’s men’s athletic wear range. At first sight of this product when it arrived at our studio, it was apparent that the quality of the new lifestyle and fitness clothing range was very high. So it was important that we captured the quality, and also the range of colours correctly in the photos.

The main photos were shot on a white background for a photo shoot, shooting 12 men’s fitness shirts & hoodies on our model, Connagh who is one of their ambassadors and who traveled from Newcastle for the shoot. It was important that we considered existing SKU photos on the website and matched the style of lighting to ensure consistency and a professional look across their online shop.

The planning for this product photoshoot with a model was extensive which allowed for a seamless studio shoot, and plenty of time to shoot some social media content. The Picture Perfect Team worked with our client to plan out the angles required along with requirements for flay lay photography and assets for campaign imagery. Using our advertising and commercial photography experience we asked the right questions to ensure the brief was challenged and well thought out.

For the full product photoshoot setup, watch the run-through below from our photographer, Collette.

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