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Barebell’s is a fitness snack company with protein-enriched alternatives to sweets and desserts. As a brand that promotes healthy and happy eating, why should you compromise on flavour when it comes to healthy living? Picture Perfect food photographers had the pleasure of doing multiple shoots for Barbell’s recently including studio, location, and event! Here we will break down the 3 different types of shoots and show how the versatility of the shoots shows the brand in different lights.

Studio – Food styling and photography

For the studio shoot, we worked alongside food stylist, Danny Barnett, to create bold and modern-looking imagery for Barebell’s social media feed. As you can see, we used contrasting colours to the product packaging for the background to really make the product stand out and be the focus of the image. It is always our mission to make sure your products are the hero of the image and represented in the best way possible. We also wanted to show a sneak peak of the actual protein bar and, with the help of a food stylist, made it look just as delicious as it tastes! In our studio, photographers use professional lighting equipment to get the perfect lighting on your product, in this case, a very bold and geometric look to complement the design of the packaging in the food photos.

Location Photography – Leeds Lifestyle

For the food photography location shoot, we travelled to Leeds city centre with the model, Dani, to get more lifestyle inspired shots of the protein bars. Location shoots allow you to see your product in a new, interesting setting as well as make it relatable to consumers. For Barebell’s, this style of the shoot shows the portability of their protein bars and how it integrates into everyday life. We always like to keep brand identity into consideration, so for this food photography shoot, we kept an element of pops of colour to match their fun, bold branding.

Event – Balance Festival

We stopped by the Barebell’s stand at the balance festival where we got to meet some of their friendly staff as well as some of their amazing products including their protein bars and milkshakes. For this style shoot, we wanted to highlight their products, stand and staff behind the business. We aimed to create a lively, friendly environment as well as show the female empowerment behind the brand.

Amazing Content

Collette provided an excellent service tailoring the content to our needs as well as using her own creative direction to create amazing content!

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