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Project detail

We were delighted to receive of some of Alpha Designs very stylish water bottles to shoot a product photography session over the summer. They were delivered to our studio here between Barnsley and Leeds.

Sounds like a simple task? You would think so, although it was actually much more of a tricky task than you might think. Of course, we were up to the challenge! 

ClientAlpha Designs
Shoot Length1 hour
Images Delivered24

Who are Alpha Designs?

Alpha Designs was formed with a combination of people from the world of sports nutrition, physical training, e-commerce, and product design, so they are a brand that really knows what they’re doing. Every product they create is designed to target the main issues that might arise with existing products on the market. The brand is also co-owned by the legendary Eddie “The Beast” Hall, who won the title of World’s Strongest Man in 2017. They have a genuinely impressive heritage in the health and fitness game.  

To summerise

These amazing, differently coloured water bottles needed some love and attention in the studio. As they are translucent, they were difficult to light effectively, but as we said, we were up for the challenge.

Our own bodybuilding champion Collette brought around 7 lights onto the set to balance the atmosphere of the space. With a complex lighting set-up, she was perfectly able to emphasise the cool Alpha Designs embossed logos on each bottle.  

As fitness photography is our specialist subject, we had plenty of great props to bring into the studio space. This included; a bench and some weights, which were strategically placed to create a hybrid feeling that balanced between studio shoot and location shoot, which we think worked really well. 

The images were taken to be used on the Alpha Designs social media platforms. Instagram is the ideal place to promote such easy-on-the-eye products.

We also ensured the unedited images were constructed so that they could be cropped to various sizes for use wherever the Alpha Designs team wanted to use them.  

All in all, this was a great shoot, and we were delighted with the results. We created a great behind-the-scenes video of our experience, where our principal photographer Collette talks through the tricky process of capturing these products in the best possible light.  

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