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Creating powerful transformation training shots

Absolute Fitness - Personal Trainer Photography

Project Detail

Absolute Fitness offer a range of personal training services including 1-2-1 training, mini bootcamps and nutrition packages. We created fitness photos that display their personal training service and their friendly, approachable trainers. As with any personal training, it’s important to showcase personality and fitness skill when marketing online.

ClientAbsolute Fitness
SkillsTransformation training for every level
Absolute Fitness - Personal Trainer Photography

The story of this project

We created a variety of shots that aimed showcased personal training in action both with and without clients. This allows Absolute Fitness to market their photos with a variety of options, able to promote different marketing messages each time.

Fitness photos that showcase personalty

When it comes to personal training photos, it’s key to show personality! When clients are seeking personal trainers online, they are looking for someone who is approachable and professional. This is where great personal training photos come in.

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