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Personal Trainer Photogrpahy - 1079 fitness

Project Detail

1079 Fitness is a gym located in Pocklington, York and wanted professional style photos for their Instagram account. They required photos of not only the equipment, products, and services in the gym but also the personal trainers and the owner Eddie.



Subscription Client

Social Media Fitness Photography

As 1079 Fitness has been a subscription client from January 2022, it has allowed for a lot of excellent content to be produced, with over two-hundred-and-fifty photos being crafted in three shoots over just two months. Working with a social media manager to advise our clients about the content they should post keeps their account looking fresh and up to date including a wide variety of images showcasing their knowledge and expertise in the gym industry. Doing this additionally embeds Eddie’s personality into his gym, expressing his interest in fitness and making him very approachable. Based on 1079 Fitness’ goals, we were successful in helping them create a brand through images, giving them the best photos possible for them to reach their goals. We advise Eddie on what content to build so he, therefore, trusts us thoroughly to create the best photos we can for him.

When going to the 1079 Fitness facility, we used flashguns which are portable and unchallenging in a busy environment such as a gym. Doing this also takes members of the gym into account as it is non-invasive and friendly. On the other hand, at the studio, we had other and more advanced equipment such as Elinchrom ELC key lights to help light the products that we shot. This included 1079 Fitness apparel and clothing for them to advertise and sell online.

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