Things are hotting up at Picture Perfect!

We’ve started our summer strong. 

We have been super busy and productive here at the Picture Perfect Studio… and summer has only just started! We’ve made some gains leading into summer and made a strong start, we’ve rolled out some changes to our photography subscription, added some new services and we’ve done some exciting work for some big brands and upcoming businesses. 

Here’s what we’ve been up to and look out for our next blog showing our latest work!

We kick-started last month by welcoming Olivia to our team. 

We are really excited to have Olivia working with us as she’s a previous customer of ours having competed in bodybuilding and having a fitness photoshoot with us to showcase her hard work back in 2019.

Olivia is going to be our Digital Marketing Executive here at Picture Perfect so you’ll be seeing her around at the Studio! Find out more about our team here. 

We had an adventure at Balance Festival in London in June too.

Jen, your dedicated Success Manager and our Digital Brand Manager had the best time attending Balance Festival.

It was great to meet so many people and discover some amazing brands. We’d definitely recommend attending next year’s event to meet other industry professionals or just to take a look at some health and wellness businesses.

We are already excited about spending a few days in London this summer to shoot some product photography for some of the businesses that we met!

That wasn’t the only event we attended…

Our CEO spent the weekend in Liverpool at the FitXpo event.

Collette, our founder and premium photographer had a fab weekend at the FitXpo event. It was great meeting and talking to businesses in the health and fitness industry about working with us to get some new, fresh on-brand photos for the next marketing campaigns and social media.

It was great to catch up with previous customers and those who have heard about our studio work and Collette’s fitness achievements as a natural bodybuilder. We’d like to thank everyone we met for their time, it was absolutely amazing to be in the company of like-minded people, and inspirational to share conversations with those in the fitness industry. 

We’re looking forward to creating lots of content for many of those businesses we met soon! 

We re-launched our photography subscription, and now have membership plans!

Exciting news! We re-launched our photography subscriptions and replaced them with LITE and PRO Membership Plans.

You can join our membership and get regular, high-quality, and unique visual content every month, and unlock our exclusive benefits and resources.

We want to take the heavy lifting away from you and help turn up the heat on your content this summer and beyond! We don’t want you to struggle to create visual content for your business, with our membership you save time money and resources and have a team of creative professionals taking you from concept to creation. 

We’ll feel like an extension of your team without the HR process when you join our membership plan! Plus, you can reap the rewards and benefits of:

  • Fast track image turnaround.
  • Monthly shoots at a discounted rate.
  • Creative direction to ensure you get maximum value.
  • Brand consultancy and expert advice.

If you’re interested in joining our membership plan, get in touch today.

We’ll take you from concept to creation with our new creative strategy sessions.

Our aim is to always provide you with more than just an image. We want to help you with your brand development and bring a strategic approach to your business photography. With our creative strategy sessions, we’ll analyse your business and understand your goals and where you want to be – we’ll then give you a tailored direction on how to optimise your brand and your images, helping you all the way to deliver tangible results and position your exactly where you want to be. 

Contact us to book a discovery call on how we can help your brand with our creative strategy sessions. 

What’s next?

We struggle to contain our excitement for summer and the new services we are continually introducing to offer you and your business. We can’t wait to see what we’ll achieve next but also what we’ll create for you and the results we’ll help deliver to your brand. 

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