Photography industry brochures

For further information on our photography services, take a look at our industry tailored photography brochures.

Industry Brochures

What happens on a photoshoot?

Find out what planning a photoshoot looks like with Picture Perfect Photography; including details of before the shoot, on the day of the shoot, and afterwards.

Creative Product Photography - Cosmetics

Product Photography Brochure

The benefits of product photography are endless. We provide creative and commercial product photos, helping you stand out online and drive sales. Find out more in our product photography brochure.

Personal Trainer Fitness Photography - Lee Freeman

Fitness Photoshoot Brochure: What to expect

Wondering what to expect from a fitness shoot? Download the guide below to see how the process works. From who you’ll shoot with, what to wear, and how to prepare.

Absolute Fitness - Personal Trainer Photography

Personal Trainer Photography Brochure

As a personal trainer, your online image is important. We help you attract clients and develop a stronger online identity with professional personal training photos. Download our brochure to find out more

Commercial Food Photography

Food Photography Brochure

Find out more about how our food photography can benefit you. We create mouthwatering food photos for both for online takeaway and restaurant visuals.

Clothing Photography

Clothing Photography Brochure

Find out more about how clothing and fashion photography can benefit you. From creative editorial photography, to commercial e-commerce photos, discover how we can help you.

Russell Richardson - Industrial Site Photography

Industrial Photography Brochure

Discover our industrial photography options. We proudly capture your brand’s unique quality, identity and specialities with our range of industrial photography options. Be the industry expert in your field.