Collette Evans

Premium Photographer, Videographer & Founder


British Photography Award Shortlisted & professional photographer & content creator since 2002.

Collette has been working as a professional photographer since 2002 and has many years of photography experience across corporate, product, fitness, and events sectors to name a few.

Collette Evans is an experienced and distinguished professional boasting over 21 years of photography expertise. As the visionary force behind “Picture Perfect Photography,” Collette’s vision shines in the realm of commercial photography, working from her cutting-edge studio based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, or on location. She excels in capturing the essence of products or people. She has an ability to adapt compelling brand narratives, and create images & videos to curate dynamic health & fitness visuals that resonate deeply across all marketing channels.

Beyond her photography, Collette extends her influence as a World Title-winning Natural Bodybuilding athlete providing UGC and influencer content for brands as well as a captivating public speaker.

Audiences are enthralled as she shares invaluable insights on goal setting, effective business strategies, the craft of content creation, and even the world of bodybuilding. Her admirable commitment, meticulous attention to detail, and exceptional skills have firmly established her as a highly sought-after professional in the realms of content creation, business, and bodybuilding.

At “Picture Perfect Photography,” we’re more than just an image – we’re your partners in creative visual strategy and consulting. Our strapline echoes our commitment to delivering transformative visuals that go beyond expectations. From concept to execution, Collette Evans and her team are dedicated to helping you craft a compelling visual narrative that leaves a lasting impact. Embark on a visual and motivational journey that transcends the ordinary, guided by the expert hands of Collette Evans.


Premium Photography
Lighting Expertise
Creative Shoot Direction
Fitness & Bodybuilding100%
Business & Content Strategy90%

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