Meet the Picture Perfect Photography Interns…

At age 15, our founder Collette started her photography career by doing a placement at a studio in Barnsley. During this placement, she gained an insight into the industry and the place of work by capturing wedding and portrait photography.

Collette appreciated the experience of working hands-on in a business. Recognising that placements give young people an opportunity to study communication, creative work as well as giving them a chance to work as a team. All of which isn’t something that can be taught, it needs to be experienced. Because of this, we’re keen to give other young people an opportunity to gain experience in creative subjects.

Introducing our interns

Meet Tommy

Tommy is 16 and studies film and television. At Picture Perfect Photography, he films and edits behind the scenes videos of our clients. These videos are a great way of giving our clients an idea of what to expect ahead of their photoshoot!

Behind the scenes videos can also give potential clients a sneak peek into how we work when doing a photoshoot. Working for us, Tommy’s favourite part is how “open we are to equipment and resources.” We want to make sure our interns have access to everything they need to create the best quality product for our clients.

Have a watch of Tommy’s behind the scenes video on how one of the top 20 British Photography Award Shortlisted photos was made and ’how to take fitness progress photos.’

Meet Matthew

Studying media film and TV at Barnsley college. Matthew is responsible for filming and editing the videos that we share across social media.

Since beginning working with us, Matthew has been able to go on photoshoots, giving him “a really great insight and an excellent opportunity to see how the industry operates”.

Matthew has been a big help – his skills have meant we’re able to share a deeper insight into the world of photography, such as when we shared ECommerce Photos – Marsden Weighing Scales and Steven Hall’s Fitness Shoot.

Meet Jasmine

Jasmine is part of the marketing team at Picture Perfect Photography, helping us create content for social media. Jasmine studies digital design at Barnsley college.

We’re pleased to have Jasmine as part of the team as she brings fresh ideas to our content. Jasmine has appreciated the chance to work with us, saying it has been “a great opportunity to work in a professional environment and learn how to meet the needs of our audiences”.

To keep up to date with Jasmine’s content creation for us, take a look at our Pinterest and free downloads & guides.

Watch the introduction video

We believe it’s so important to offer real-life work experience to these ambitious young people whilst giving back to the community. Over the past year, we have taken on 5 interns, giving them a unique and relevant part-time job experience.

It has really benefited us as they have brought fresh, forward-thinking ideas into the team, positively changing the business so to our interns… thank you for all the hard work.

If you’d like to learn more about how our team can help you, please use the button below to book your discovery call.

If you have any questions or queries, we are here to help however we can, so please let us know by filling out our contact form.

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