May & June 2022 – Latest Work

In May, we had an incredibly busy month as we celebrated our 10th year in business birthday! Aside from a handful of shoots and looking after clients, the team dedicated a lot of our time to promoting some fantastic offers to celebrate the 10th year of business anniversary and plan an evening to celebrate!

In June, we welcomed a new team member, attended events up and down the country and discovered more brands to work with, AND we launched our new membership plans which include some amazing exclusive benefits! We have been super busy with lots of shoots at the studio and locations. We have had some amazing clients and brands visit our studio for their photoshoots – from new product launches to personal branding and e-commerce photography.

1079 Fitness

We headed back to one of our favourite gyms – 1079 Fitness in York. For this shoot, we aimed to get a selection of photos for their socials to show the diversity of clients there, and also plenty of shots with negative space so that their social media manager could edit these and add text for promotions.

As Jen our social media manager is also the Social Media Manager for 1079, we can discuss the goals for the shoot with her prior to arriving so that we know exactly what content to aim for when we get there. This works great for the gym as it takes the entire project from them, and we can discuss the shoots in our own office making the whole process seamless!

1079 is a gym with a few different light variations throughout as some are well lit further not the gym, and some are natural lighting coming in through the front of the gym. This means we have to be proactive with lighting choices to try and ensure consistency throughout the images, allowing us to edit them to near enough the same look.

Mental Health Coach, Nik Dodson – Personal Branding Shoot

Nik is looking to upgrade his online presence to move along with the ever-growing world of social media and ensure his business doesn’t get left behind! To do this he’s trying to up the quality of content he’s producing so professional photography was a must! We will continue to shoot with Nik as he is on a subscription plan with us meaning every month we meet to get fresh photos of him that showcase his skills from sports therapy to mindset coaching. There are so many content opportunities going forward with Nik that we will ensure he captures for his profiles like in the workplace, out on location with clients, product reviews, client testimonials and much more.

Grace Moorhouse – Group Fitness Shoot

Well, what a project this was to work on! We had an absolute blast when we headed over to Crossfit Clitheroe gym to showcase tremendous hard from a group of some all coached by Grace Moorhouse. Women all of shapes and sizes attended the shoot to capture their progress, and we loved photographing this! With Collette able to offer expert posing tips and experience with coloured lighting, the shoot was a huge success and ran smoothly.

Group shoots are a great way to get plenty of content in one sitting, especially for a PT or coach wanting to showcase their client’s hard work.

Here’s a handful

Ryan Dudley – Membership Photography

Ryan Dudley has been on a photography subscription with Picture Perfect Photography for half a year, varying his photo content from shoot to shoot. His images were taken both on the studio grounds as well as in Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Doing this showcased his lifestyle and furthermore him as a person for marketing and social media, bringing his own identity into the images. We took two-hundred photos in ninety minutes of shooting, with him bringing his own clothes meaning he can get his personality across to his audience. His content varies with every shoot with different themes and ideas being brought into them.

Go Meal Prep – Commercial Photography

Go Meal Prep are a healthy meal prep company based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire and was looking to improve its branding online and get a variety of photos to share on social media. We did the shoot on location in their five-star-rated kitchen to capture the process of making the meals, and some professional and aesthetic shots of the meals they provide too. The shoot was lit with one light and you can take a look at a behind the scenes of the shoot on Instagram.

Good Performance Nutrition – Social Media Product Photography

Good Performance Nutrition was kind enough to sponsor our 10 years of business event and provide some samples of their products for us to share with our attendees and customers. As a thank you, we did a natural light shoot and put our creative minds to the test! On a very (rare) sunny day we played with natural lighting to create some shadows for creative effect and incorporated some simple props to create some social media product photography for them to use on their marketing channels. 

KB Pro – E-commerce Product Photography

KB Pro is the leading Permanent Makeup training provider led by Karen Betts. They came to us with a new product launch of tattoo needles that needed some product photography for their website and social media. For this shoot, we had brand guidelines to follow throughout as we got varied shots from individual product photos to group product photos. The product photography was all about showing all the different tip types on these exclusive permanent make-up tattoo needles. In post-production, we removed the background on some of the product photos ready for their e-commerce website. 

Mane – Event and Architecture Shoot

Mane is the first French group and one of the world leaders of the Fragrance and Flavour industry. We were asked to photograph their event where they celebrated their 150th anniversary. We didn’t use any lighting at this shoot, as we had some great natural lighting to capture the event to provide Mane with PR and architectural photos. To capture the architecture at Mane we used a tripod to stabilise the camera and ensure that the photos were taken exactly level and square for these photos. The photos were going to be used for press releases. We had so much fun capturing the event, take a look at some of the shots we got!

Batiste Hair – Creative Shoot

On this very rare occasion, we had a bit of available time to play in the studio so we wanted to put our creativity to the test. As it was the Jubilee, we wanted to create some themed content, so we picked Batiste Hair dry shampoo spray, which had great packaging with bright colours. Our background matched the product colours for this shoot and used smoke pellets to create a smoke effect through the camera and simulate the product spray. We also used a photography hack for the background, and actually used a grey background and used coloured lighting to make the blue colour you can see in our photos. 

Charlotte Wilmott – Fitness Shoot

For Charlotte Willmott’s fitness photoshoot, we were back on location at the House of Gain gym. This two-hour fitness shoot was aimed to celebrate Charlotte’s fitness journey and capture her achievements and her hard work. The photos will be used to look back on her achievements as she continues on her fitness journey. 

CMP – Client Fitness Photography

CMP are one of our photography membership clients. For their second shoot with us, we went to shoot on location at the Chris Mason Performance gym in Sheffield to capture their client’s weight loss journey. This was a shared shoot with two of their female clients. For this fitness shoot, we used the same coloured lighting to match CMP’s previous shoots so they are able to use it for their marketing channels. 

Ethan – Personal Branding Headshots

Ethan came to us for an express shoot to get some headshots for his Microsoft profile. This was shot at our studio and we thought to have some fun with Ethan’s headshots to really show his personality. 

Fresh – Event and PR Photography

Fresh offers marketing for amazing young professionals’ accommodation, with ensuite studios and shared apartments in 60 locations across the UK and Ireland. We were asked to photograph their social event where they opened their new apartment block in Sheffield. We didn’t use any lighting at this shoot, as we had some great natural lighting to capture the social event where they had residents enjoying the new apartment facilities, music and a mixologist. The photos are going to be used for the press releases and the website.

I Do Fancy – E-commerce Photography

I Do Fancy are a local company that offers the latest footwear fashion, specially customised to fit in with your perfect wedding or a special occasion. For this shoot, we were hired to do e-commerce photography of their personalisation charms and their flip-flops. In post-production, we removed the background on the product photos. We provided two image file sizes which were optimised and ready to put on their website. 

Muscle Food – Creative Shoot

Muscle Food was also kind enough to sponsor our 10 years of business event and provide some protein bars for us to share with our attendees and customers! As a thank you, we did another creative trial shoot. In the studio, we set up a flying protein bar with some fishing wire and used multiple props to capture these creative images. The milk splash was captured all through the camera with no creative retouch needed!  

RE Skin Clinic – Commercial Photography

RE Skin Clinic is regarded as the best facialist and skin expert in Sheffield, with nearly 20 years in the beauty industry. We went on location to capture shots of their new clinic, treatment rooms and staff for their marketing campaigns and website.

Strength Positive – Transformation Fitness Shoot

Strength Positive are one of our photography membership clients. For their shoot with us, we went on location to capture their clients’ transformation journey. This was two shoots in three hours with two of Josh’s clients.  

VI – Commercial Product Shoot

For this membership client, we used our Barnsley studio to capture white background commercial images which showcased the products.

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