May 2021 – Latest Work

The month of May has brought lots of exciting shoots onsite and at external locations! Collette Evans, our Premium Photographer, has experienced a range of creative shoots and has continued to test her photography skills. She’s never afraid of a challenge! Here’s a preview of all our latest work from the previous month…

Abby Earnshaw

Personal trainer Abby Earnshaw, wanted new professional fitness photos to showcase her physique but also wanted to gain confidence. Whilst on the shoot, Abby started to relax and enjoy the process! By the end of the 2 hour shoot, Abby’s confidence had sky rocketed. This shoot was taken at House of Gain in Barnsley.

Check out the behind the scenes video.

Cthru smiles  

Cthru Smiles is a subscription client here at Picture Perfect Photography. They wanted to capture a range of new images for social media to show the details of the products. As these products are small and fiddly, we used fishing wire to suspend the product for shooting and then rotated the image to make it look like it was floating. We love a challenge here at Picture Perfect! Part 2 of the shoot was to showcase the product in a lifestyle like situation.

Check out the behind the scenes video here.


In May, the Picture Perfect team traveled 4 hours to join Concorde BGW on 2 shoots. The first shoot was in Horsham at Sit and Sip and the second shoot was at The Ingleside Hotel in Gloucestershire. The Sit and Sip shoot took five hours to shoot with 1 photographer and Ingleside Hotel in Gloucestershire took a whole day to shoot with 2 photographers. Here is the outcome:

Sit and Sip
Ingleside Hotel

Jovan’s Fitness Shoot 

On the bank holiday Sunday, Jovan came down to the Picture Perfect Studio for a fitness photoshoot. Collette utilised the studio and onsite location before heading over to Barnsley city centre to shoot in a car park. Jovan couldn’t believe the indoor and outdoor locations on offer at the HQ. The shoot took around 4.5hrs plus 1-hour of shopping with the model before getting started to purchase the fitness clothing.

Fitness portfolio for representing brands and health & fitness in the style of Men’s Health magazine. Here’s a preview:

Kate Grosvenor 

This studio-based shoot created some classic headshots of Kate. Kate also sells journals on Amazon so wanted a few shots with these too to help promote her collection. It was shot in full black and white to enhance the sophistication.

Nib Nibs

NibNibs is the sister company to Haywood & Padgett, based locally in Barnsley. Before this full-day studio shoot even began, it had 15 hours of project management. This included prop management for sourcing the products, food sourcing and styling of each image. Mood board screenshots were created and can be supplied to any client. Danny Barnett worked his magic as the food stylist.

Supplement Test Shoot

To improve our project portfolios, we performed a test shoot at the studio of a range of fitness supplements. We wanted to bring in the styled background similar to the Made in Yorkshire for Haywood & Padgett.

Stay tuned to see next months exciting upcoming projects!

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