March 2022 – Latest Work

In March, we shot everything from surgical instruments to fitness products and have enjoyed shooting in the studio in addition to on location in places such as London and different gyms across Yorkshire.

Euphoria Boutique

We shot a variety of clothing for Euphoria Boutique for their website, showcasing a variety of products on a model at our studio based in Yorkshire.

A benefit of having a professional product photographer is that it shows the quality of the garments well and creates traffic by encouraging customers to purchase from their website. For the Euphoria shoots especially, we used a total of six lights by the brand Elinchrom as well as a Canon 5DSR. Also, adding household and lifestyle props into the background of the image allows the photos to relate to the brand and the customers. 

Kate Grosvenor

For this shoot, we shot in Kate’s own home using a Canon 5D Mk IV which allowed for a variety of outfits and settings. We used a flashgun to light up the scene, saving time and keeping the pace up so the shoot can be as time-efficient as possible as we only had two hours. Both the inside and outside of her home were shot as well as taking some of her products such as the affirmation cards back to the studio, showcasing how a customer would use them. These would then be updated and posted on her website for her customers to see. 

London Nootropics

For London Nootropics, these photos were shot in the studio with the emphasis being that the products were completely natural. Multiple white backgrounds were used as well as some photos being taken in front of a coloured background, with the images to be in both banner form and square form. This is due to them being used for e-commerce, social media, and banners which allows for a wider variety. We used a range of props and created an in-depth mood board before the shoot to allow the client to understand and let each other’s ideas combine. Doing this made sure the images turned out exactly how the client asked.

Protein Pizza

 This food product photography was photographed at Protein Pizza in Canary Wharf, London with these photos taken to show off the protein pizza menu which would be shown on Deliveroo. The focus was to implement fitness into the image and show off their food. Our team and the client brainstormed ideas onto a mood board so we knew exactly what to shoot when we got to the location.

Ryan Dudley

Ryan Dudley has been on a subscription with Picture Perfect Photography for half a year, varying his photo content from shoot to shoot. His images were taken both on the studio grounds as well as in Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Doing this showcased his lifestyle and furthermore him as a person for marketing and social media, bringing his own identity into the images. We took two-hundred photos in ninety minutes of shooting, with him bringing his own clothes meaning he can get his personality across to his audience. His content varies with every shoot with different themes and ideas being brought into them.

Super Botanics

This was our first shoot with a new client Super Botanics, with them wanting to demonstrate how their products are used for e-commerce, social media, and their website. At the time of the shoot, the client wasn’t present meaning they trusted us to create the images they needed productively. We shot in three locations; our studio, the gym and a bedroom which can inspire us as there is a lot of variety. The bedroom was excellent at relating to one of their products, containing ashwagandha as it relaxes the body and mind and allows you to get an easier night’s sleep. This shows we research the products we are photographing, allowing us to turn this information into pictures. They were shot both square and landscape which permits them to adapt for content needs. A flashgun was used to make the lighting simple, effective, and easy so we can be as time-efficient as possible when taking the photos. Props such as a chopping board and a plant are in the image giving a clear insight into what’s in the client’s products as they only include raw ingredients.

Surgical Innovations

For Surgical Innovations, we shot their products on a plain, white background for both e-commerce and catalogue photography. Their products consisted of mainly human health products and were cleaned with baby oil to ensure they are perfect when being photographed, being lit with clean lighting to ensure the stainless steel was correctly lightened. There were more than two-hundred photos taken for this shoot which isn’t much compared to other projects by Surgical Innovations, but as there is still a large volume, we used individual SKUs on each photo to make it easy to identify the images. Every image also had the backgrounds removed and had a clipping path added, with them being provided in both JPEG and transparent PNG formats to cover different uses that the client may need.

Zed Bikes

Zed Bikes are a subscription client who wanted photos of their bike wheels for e-commerce and Facebook advertising. All images were shot in the studio, having their backgrounds removed with different and harder light which enables detail to be picked up on the wheel rims. We zoomed into the hubs in the centre of the wheels as well as using fishing wire to hang a variety of colours of the hubs to show different levels of their product. We also retouched the image to remove the wire after the shoot to give off the effect we wanted.


When photographing for HHNY, we needed to capture their product from a variety of angles so their customer can see the size and how spacious the bag is. It has many pockets for storage, so we used different sized props to showcase this such as shoes, a skipping rope and water bottles. We shot on location with a male model using a flashgun and a key light beside the Elinchrom ELC headlights in the studio with a female to show that the bag can be used by both genders. This is a new product therefore we had to show off the quality of the material for both Instagram and Amazon, with the client letting us have full creative freedom to show off the product how we best see fit. View portfolio here

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