A Sneak Peek At The ‘Made in Yorkshire’ Project – AME Group

Our Made in Yorkshire project celebrates the region’s industrial and manufacturing heritage, inviting Yorkshire based manufacturers to showcase their products with creative product photography.

The project has been one of the most exciting things we’ve worked on so far, pushing the boundaries of manufacturing photography with creative imagery. We believe this is the best way to show the excitement of innovation in manufacturing that is often overlooked.

Fancy a sneak peek?

We’re sharing a sneak peek of the project, starting with some of the creative photos shot for AME Group.

AME are a product design consultancy and prototyping services based in Sheffield. AME’s aim is simple – to develop new products that provide consumers with exceptional user experiences that are greatly rewarding for clients.

With innovative design at the heart of AME’s manufacturing, we ensured the photography kept the products as the central focus, showing off their delightful textures and sleek design qualities.

We made creative use of AME’s spray booth to incorporate a contrastingly textured background, really bringing out the clean design of the products.

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