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What is lifestyle product photography and how is it different to normal product photography?

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When capturing lifestyle product photography can provide an insight into your brand. Unlike white background photography, lifestyle product images can showcase personality and be interactive. The product can be shown in context or in an imaginative way.


To showcase products uniquely, we are not afraid to use our imagination to create individual, on-brand images. We can bring in props and/or models to showcase the products in a way that appeals to your target audience. Alternatively, using CGI we can surround the product with visuals that will relate to the audience. Creating images with the customer in mind will ensure the images will resonate better with potential customers.


When capturing images for lifestyle product photography, the overarching goal is to make consumers feel like they are living vicariously through your images. To ensure we engross your audience, we will learn your company’s goals and investigate your brand and create a compelling, intriguing image.

Our four-step method to accelerating businesses couldn’t be easier:


Book a discovery call
Discuss and plan the photoshoot


Shoot day!


Add your photos to your website and social media
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When lifestyle product photography is done well, it can encourage a person to purchase just by being shown the product. So, when deciding what sort of product photography you would like to have, ask yourself – will your audience benefit from being immersed in your product?


Lifestyle photography for products offers the scope to be creative. It’s an opportunity to show your audience your products in a way they haven’t seen before. By creating a lifestyle scene that is unique, your customers will be intrigued yet gripped by the visuals. Encouraging them to learn more about the product.