June 2021 – Latest Work

Can you believe we have reached the halfway point of the year? How fast is time going! We’re so proud of every project we’ve worked on so far in 2021.

In June we had a range of exciting shoots both in the Picture Perfect studio and in external locations.
Here’s a preview of our latest work…

Be More Social – Personal Brand Shoot

Be More Social is a subscription client here at Picture Perfect Photography. They are social media educators that help to build up a business’s social media presence. The shoot was on location at their office where we photographed a range of headshots, team and office images. It was important to showcase their fun and lively culture within the team. They had lots of energy and banter between them all and we certainly joined in the fun.

Archform Byte – Product Shoot 

This month for Archform Byte, the aim of the shoot was to show a range of products, not just the aligners themselves. These images were lifestyle focussed to showcase both the product and packaging. We photographed the aligners, packaging and teeth whitening kits. One of the key USPs of Cthru is how easy and discreet they are to use, so photographing them out in an office space shows that aligners integrate into everyday life. The shoot was done in the studio by creating tabletop product shots with brand colours.

Zed Bikes – Product Shoot

For this photoshoot with Zed Bikes, we split it into two parts. Part 1 was all about the black background to achieve more creative shots to show details of the products. Part 2 was white background product shots. It allowed us to show off the rim details on the lightweight bike wheels and spokes. Both of these will be used for sale and website use and were photographed in the studio. Another happy subscription client!

Celsius Products – Product Shoot 

Celsius Products supply signal blocker pouches to provide high security for credit card details and vehicle theft. This studio and location shoot allowed us to photograph on a range of backgrounds to showcase the lifestyle images. The photoshoot shows both uses for bank cards and card keys.

Fitness Apparel – Fitness Product Shoot

Collette decided to step in front of the camera for this photoshoot. As a fitness enthusiast, she wanted to showcase her top fitness apparel from brands she trusts. This shoot was done to build our fitness product portfolio and for social media content. Make sure you check out our Instagram Reel for the outtakes.  

Ardagh Glass – Product Shoot

This photoshoot was booked through Rebecca Firth Marketing. It took a lot of planning to fit with Ardagh Glass brand guidelines and we had a clear plan of the look of image style that we wanted to achieve beforehand. Glass is very tricky to photograph so it’s usually better to backlight the background to create used clean lines and shadows. These images will be used on all marketing moving forwards.

Rocol – Product Shoot

This creative studio shoot for Rocol involved creative retouch CGI. Easyline Edge – our aim was to show the applicator in use showing straight and curved spray paint lines. Foodlube – pharmaceutical machine lube so created a pill convey belt.

See our behind the scenes video below.

VI Creative – Creative Shoot

This shoot was performed in the studio and was enhanced by CGI. For the exploding out of tray image, all parts were photographed individually and then edited together to create the idea of the parts falling into or out of the tray. We’re happy with the result for our valued subscription client.

Mary Duggan Jewellery – Product Shoot

This photoshoot for Mary Duggan showcases handcrafted jewellery. The aim was to focus on the small details of stones, crystals and unique designs. This was photographed in the studio to provide a delicate and clean look.

Stay tuned to see next months exciting upcoming projects!

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