Investing in Quality Talent in the Picture Perfect Photography Team

Picture Perfect has reached new heights in the business, expanding its team to add exciting talent to the studio. Our founder Collette is keen on investing in talented young individuals allowing them to experience what it’s like to have a career in the industry. We are growing our team to help give businesses the latest industry trends and fresh new ideas directly from young talents.

Introducing our Assistant Photographer

Meet Abbie

Abbie - Picture Perfect

As an assistant photographer at Picture Perfect Photography, Abbie has been supporting our premium photographer Collette throughout all of their shoots, editing, retouching as well as getting the holistic experience meeting clients and attending business meetings.

Abbie recently graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with an outstanding first grade for her degree while working with Picture Perfect during her final year. She adds fresh and creative ideas to the shoots and brings her extensive knowledge of technical photography skills to the role. We were impressed by her strong work ethic and bright set of skills; which led to us offering her a full-time position at our studio.

Abbie’s Journey with Picture Perfect

Just as she started her final year of university, Abbie was looking for opportunities to help her gain more experience in the photography industry; she was keen on working in the photography industry. During an online university event, where students could network with employers, she was able to get in touch with Collette.

Abbie’s passion for photography learning throughout college and university has propelled her interest in learning more at Picture Perfect. Because he has had no prior experience before her placement year, she didn’t know what to expect throughout the placement. She was pleasantly surprised to gain a lot of industry experience working closely with our founder Collette.

“I’ve done plenty of work with Collette, shadowing her and assisting. I would sit in marketing calls, enhance my photoshopping and editing skills. Then I would work with clients that arrive in the studio. And help out with client hospitality. I was able to learn more at work than what I was able to learn in education.“ – Abbie

She’s developed her technical editing and photography skills as well as built her confidence in communicating with clients, building her network with plenty of clients.

The most notable projects that she enjoyed working on our clients with food photography shoots. She found it interesting to see the different ways that food stylists make the food look good for the camera. Little things like using dye for coffee and washing up liquid to add the froth and bubbles to make it look appealing.

From visiting clients helping to photograph their factories to working with corporate clients and working in fitness photoshoots, she enjoyed immersing herself into every project and enjoys working with different types of clients.

“No day is the same when working with Picture Perfect Photography.” – Abbie

She’s just well in her second year of working with Picture Perfect, and she is committed to learning more on the job to ensure that clients have the best experience with Picture Perfect Photography from start to finish. We can’t wait to see her potential grow even further in the company.

We believe that it is important to invest in young talent to bring creative and impactful ideas to clients. We are keen to help build up young people’s confidence in the workplace. Abbie brings in a lively personality to the team, and she’s become a strong support for each client shoot. We can’t wait to see Abbie’s potential continuously grow in the company.

If you’d like to learn more about how our team can help you, please book your discovery call.

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