In-house vs Outsourced Photography: 5 key benefits of working with an external creative photography company

5 key benefits of working with an external photography company

Gaining photos of your product is an essential part of any business looking to launch a new product or marketing campaign, as it can boost your customer engagement across your socials, website traffic and sales. However, we find that businesses are sometimes in limbo about who is best to provide your product photography, and the main question when it comes to getting your photos ready is whether to build an in-house team or outsource photography to an external creative photography company. 

When it comes to in-house photography, it normally means, you have more control over concept, overall photography process and your end results, however building that could mean massive investment in training, time, and equipment. The great thing about outsourcing your photography is, that all that is sorted and ready but also, you get to unlock new ways of thinking and creativity… 

Continue reading as we explain this further and look at the five key benefits of working with an external creative photography company.

Number 1: Less stress and more focus for you.

Constantly organising and setting up the studio for a photo shoot to create new content can be very tough and time-consuming, but when you outsource photography to an external creative photography company, they handle the whole process so it is less stressful for you and you can focus on other areas of your campaign or business. All the photography processes of mood boards and ideas, planning, managing, shooting, editing, and delivery are all taken care of; all you have to do is provide the product and your guidelines regarding the brand or your preferences for the image.

Number 2: Access to experienced and creative photographers.

When you need to stand out from the crowd, and your competitors, but you’ve also got brand guidelines to stick to, sometimes you can get stuck in a creative block and just don’t have time to analyse the market. Well, that’s what is great about working with an external creative photography company, you get access to creative minds, new ideas, plus years of experience that ensures efficiency and quality.

Trying to build an in-house team takes time as hiring can be a burden, and talent and experience are rare and expensive. Gain instant access to an expert team that will listen to your needs, analyse the market and trends, and then develop ideas and creative direction to strengthen your brand and product. 

Number 3: Instantly increase the quality of your photos.

You’ve given the brief, the product, there’s a strategy and plan, and you’ve got access to the experts – working with an outsourced photography company means you have a team of people committed to providing results you’ll love. 

While your in-house team may take months or years to achieve the high standards of work, an external photography company are more than capable of producing top-quality images right away. All specialists focused on the project, ensure you are provided with striking and high-quality photography that will better communicate your brand and product to your consumers using cohesive and quality visual content. 

Number 4: There are no hidden costs.

Do you really know the scope of your project? You may find that a one-time project or shoot starts to become impractical when you calculate the costs for that one campaign and an in-house team is a large investment – this is where working with an external creative photography company comes in handy – they’re all set up and ready to go! 

In reality, when you start any kind of campaign or project, you don’t know what you know, and you can plan as thoroughly as possibly could, but there is always something you may not have foreseen. However, a professional photography company, they’ll have done this a thousand times before, know about everything that is needed such as additional backdrops and props or varied locations, they have it all to hand and they can give you all this in a final quote in just a few hours, saving you so much time!

Number 5: Saves you time, money and effort!

The biggest benefit of working with an external creative photography company is the amount of time, money and effort you could be saving. When you have little time, funds, energy or overall resources to waste doing in-house photography, outsourced photography is the way to go. With an external professional photography company, you have a professional team that is ready to take on your project, from concept to creation, taking on board your requirements and budgets and deadlines – you can sit back and relax while they do the work and deliver the results. 

Conclusion: In-house or Outsourced Photography

In conclusion, by working with an external creative photography company you can stress less, use your time somewhere else, and relax knowing creative product photography is getting done without you having to micro-manage and hunt for the best equipment and props at the lowest price. 

By outsourcing photography with your image requirements there is no need to control the nuance of the process – the team of professionals at the studio will make that process simple for you and will advise what is best for you at this moment in time, providing a full package of services within your budget, to save you time and money.

If you are considering outsourcing photography and looking to work with a creative photography company with a team of professionals and a photo studio that feels like an extension of your team. Check our photo packages or join our lite monthly membership to trial our services. From product photography to commercial, fitness, fashion, industrial and venue photography, Picture Perfect Photography is a creative photography studio that provides you with more than just an image. 

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