How to monetise your personal fitness brand

I often hear from athletes who are working hard on their online brand but want to know how they could build it into a sustainable business – and that’s why today’s blog is all about how to monetise your personal fitness brand. 

I’ve been in your position, wanting to take my online presence to the next level by monetising it, and so I’m here to share my story and show you how with my help, it could be yours too.

My Story

I’m Collette Evans, founder of Picture Perfect Photo.

Alongside my photography achievements, I am also a World & British Natural Women’s Bodybuilding titleholder, having won many 1st place trophies in competitive bodybuilding.

In recent years I’ve seen the opportunity to merge these two aspects of my life by branching into fitness photography, and I’ve also built my own significant online bodybuilding brand into a platform which can be monetised.

So, what were the opportunities that I pursued in order to turn my brand into a business, and how can you learn to monetise your personal fitness brand?

UGC & paid content opportunities

Having built a highly engaged social media presence, primarily on Instagram and YouTube, I’ve used these to provide opportunities for brands to gain exposure through my platforms.

I’ve partnered with some truly brilliant brands such as Musclefood, The Skinny Food Co, and Batiste Haircare, showcasing their products on my social media platforms.

User-Generated Content (UGC) is a great starting point if you’re looking to monetise your personal fitness brand – approaching brands and offering your services in promoting their products on your platform. 

Usually, in return, you will get to keep those products for free and you may be able to negotiate some other non-financial compensation too.

You might be thinking that it’s my photography expertise which allows me to secure these arrangements – and it certainly does help that I know how to shoot great product photos – but you really don’t need to be a photography expert to secure UGC opportunities.

The main thing is that if you have a platform which brands want to be seen on, they know that your reviews of products will be seen by an audience who they want to be engaged with.

As you become more experienced in UCG you’ll be more experienced and confident to seek paid content opportunities, where brands will partner with you by paying for you to showcase their products.

Over time, you can build these relationships into regular paid content production rather than seeking one-off partnerships – and this may evolve into sponsorships too.


Sponsorship can help you to increase your following and credibility, as well as exposure. 

There might be brands who you particularly feel aligned with in terms of their values, and you would just love to be partnered with them.

As I’ve built my personal brand, I’ve been able to secure sponsorships from brands who’ve partnered with me longer-term, and these have even enabled me to compete in various competitions, including when I won the NPC Worldwide Championship title in France last December.

I’m proud to work with Barefoot Nutrition as my primary sponsor and as a retailer where customers can purchase products directly through me.

Through affiliate links, I also offer brand discounts for my other sponsors’ brands such as Rheal Superfoods(Save with my code COLLETTEBA30), Wild Refill, Skinny Food Co (you can save 20% on your Skinny Food Co basket using code ‘COLLETTE20’!). During March you can also save 35% on Reflex Nutrition with this link by clicking here.

This means that I get credit for the traffic sent to their website, and the customer gets a discount too – a real win-win!

There are loads of options that come with sponsorship, and things like affiliate links provide a passive income stream for your fitness brand alongside the hard work you put into content creation for them.

Gaining sponsors may seem a long way off for your business or for you as an athlete at the moment but with my help you’ll soon know everything you need in order to take this step to monetise your personal fitness brand.

Whilst my personal story of monetising my business is unique to my experience, I hope you can see that the trajectory I’ve taken is transferrable – this could be your story as well.I know how to turn a personal brand into a flourishing business, and I know how to help you to monetise your personal fitness brand too.

What’s the first step?

The most important thing to do as you consider how to monetise your personal fitness brand is actually to make sure that you have built your brand to the point where it’s an appropriate platform for companies to partner with.

Think about your content, how consistent it is, and what it is that you offer to clients which nobody else can. 

Overall, show your value to those businesses who you want to work with.

The more unique your brand is, the less replaceable you are, and the more appealing a prospect you will be for those companies you dream of being sponsored by.

How can I help you to monetise your personal fitness brand?

It can be overwhelming working out where to go next – how do you assess your social media presence and evaluate whether you’re in a good place to seek partnerships?

And when you’re at that point, where do you start?

I love to help athletes to take these steps, through content coaching, strategy, and creation – and my unique experience of the industry alongside running my own photography studio make me the perfect person to work with to monetise your personal fitness brand.

I’ll help you identify your strengths as a business, audit your current content, and create a new content schedule so that you can have a brilliant online presence which enables you to land fantastic collaborations with other businesses.

Get in touch

So, what are you waiting for?

I’m ready to help you to follow this same pathway of taking your online brand to the next level… turning it into a business which earns you money while doing what you love.

Get in contact with me today – I’d love to chat about how to monetise your personal fitness brand.

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