How to Make Your business Profile Stand Out & Why You Need a Professional Headshot

Your online business profile is your virtual shop. Give potential clients, investors and future co-workers a reason to stay.

Having a solid online presence is great for business, but how do you make yourself stand out in a saturated marketplace? For many entrepreneurs, marketing is one of the most challenging aspects of a business. You might be great at creating your product or delivering your service, but when it comes to marketing your company, you can’t seem to find the right words or time. Creating a believable, memorable marketing campaign begins with your company profile.

1 – Be Concise
Think about your company values, and aim to express them in as few words as possible. Brevity is key, as many people will only view your profile for a few seconds before clicking off to somewhere else, and people don’t want to be faced with a wall of text. Jot down your story, your mission, your plans for the future of the company and pick out keywords, gradually whittling the text down until you have the bare minimum – 100 words or less is ideal.

2 – Make People Care
You might create an awesome product or a slick and effective service, but you need to stand for something above and beyond what you sell. Successful businesses aren’t selling you better products; they’re selling a feeling, an idea and a connection. Make your profile exciting by sharing your story, your journey and what makes you special, and connect with your customers on a deeper level.

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3 – Get A Professional Headshot
A picture speaks a thousand words, and a great image is the first thing people will see when they click to your profile. A professional photo positions you as a serious business owner, and helps potential customers identify with your brand. Skip the questionable selfies: a photo taken by a professional shows you’re serious about your work – and indicates that you’ve already achieved some success. It’s an investment in yourself that will pay off in engagement from clients and more business opportunities in the future.

4 – Tailor to Different Platforms
Whether you’re creating a LinkedIn profile or an Instagram account, you need to optimise your message for different platforms. This sounds more complicated than it is; it’s essentially about the language and the number of words you use. Think about your target audience, and the mindset of different viewers. A potential customer on Facebook, for example, will have a different perspective from one browsing through LinkedIn. Accommodate these differences while holding on to your company message, and do your research into different platforms.

Many company profiles are boring, forgettable and are created for the sake of having one. Use this to your advantage. Create a profile that you personally would want to read and find out more about. Position yourself as special, unique and passionate – showcase your personality and what makes you different to the world and you’re bound to get noticed.

Be bold and have fun with your online profile, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving business success.

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