How to Get More Results Out of Your Commercial Photography

Crafting a product or service that works and adds value is often the hardest part of any entrepreneurial endeavor. Building a brand that people know and trust often takes years of trial and error and, even with great products, sometimes never comes to pass. 

As product photographers, our job is to amplify and showcase what you have already spent so much time perfecting. The world needs what you have to offer, they now only need to see it. Making your products visible to the masses is why we do what we do at Picture Perfect Photo.

The right studio photo shoot, with the right product photographer accompanied by creative and effective photography budget ideas, could be exactly what you need to take your business to the next level. How can this be done?

Maximising your Product Photography Shoot Time!

1. Use our creative visual strategy session

The best plans are the result of many heads working together towards a shared goal. Our creative visual strategy session can help paint a picture of how you can use commercial photography to truly launch your products and product lines.

2. Use the same background throughout your studio photoshoot.

Using the same background is the most effective way to get the most out of your photo shoots. Different setups and angles, even with the same background, can provide the illusion of an entirely different set, when done right.

3. Leverage your lighting is set up by shooting a volume of products. 

Why do things twice when you can do them once effectively? When shooting your product images, shooting a volume of different products will allow you to create a consistent and cohesive look. This also reduces the number of times you need to set up for a photo shoot, saving you time and money.

4. Plan out styles & ideas with your product photographer

Good ideas become great ideas when they are shared with and molded by others. You likely have a plan for your studio photoshoot. You have background ideas and inspirations that you want to guide your vision. Let’s bring that to life! Let our studio photographers work with you to refine and perfect that plan by laying out different photography budget ideas and styles for you to choose from. 

Empwr Botanics –

5. Keep the studio photoshoot simple

The world is filled with distraction and attention-grabbing gimmicks. Let your product do the talking in your studio photoshoot by minimizing distracting props and creating a clean, simple look that highlights the star of the show: your products.

6. Utilise CGI 

Our CGI retouching method allows us to utilise existing photos of your products and envision them in new ways, reinvigorating them for your product launches. 

Creative photography - Snow globe product photography

7. Create a shoot list in order of priority before the shoot

A concrete plan of action is always the best path to a flawlessly executed product launch. By creating a list of product photos, backgrounds, angles, models required, and where they will be used in your marketing, we remove all the guesswork. Leave the photography up to us.

Our strategic approach is based on our in-house processes, which are designed from a shoot list questionnaire and template that you will fill out. 

Monthly Membership for Product Photography

Picture Perfect Photo monthly membership is the ideal solution for social media content or large volumes of product photography. Expansive product catalogs and social media accounts demand a consistent level of product photography. 

Monthly members receive on-location and studio shoots, briefing calls, pro image editing, and much more. Producing and publishing content regularly is how you grow your business and brand and Picture Perfect Studio monthly memberships help craft and deliver this content to your intended audience.

Let Picture Perfect Photo partner with you to create studio photoshoots that will produce the very best in product photography, month after month, year after year. 

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