Five Types of Images Every Personal Trainer Needs

The world of personal trainers is a very crowded market, which means you need to find ways to stand out when it comes to your marketing strategy. 

The best way to communicate your uniqueness is to let your images do the talking. As a personal trainer, you must have a variety of images to communicate multiple different messages to your target audience. This portfolio of images can help you reach your ideal client, as well as building trust with potential prospects and nurturing relationships with your existing clients.  

But what types of images do you need as a personal trainer? We suggest having the five following types as part of your marketing strategy: 

1) Gym/Outdoor to show versatility  

No two clients are the same – so why should their workouts be? We know that you will always switch up training sessions to keep them interesting – but you need to have images that reassure prospective clients of this.  

If you like to get out into the great outdoors to work out with your clients – highlight that! The main reason people leave their personal trainers is that they are bored with their workouts because the trainer has “insufficient variety.” So, alleviate this fear and display the scope of potential workouts by having professional images which show you are adaptable and keep sessions fresh. 

Personal Trainer Photography - Grace Moorhouse
On the other hand, as fitness experts, we know that some personal trainers are based in the gym, and if that is the case for you – make sure you have high-quality images that show you in action. Some prospects will want to know exactly what equipment will be available to them and so, it is essential to have pictures that pre-emptively address their questions.  
Not only can images of you in the gym be compelling, but a behind the scenes video of the shoot can provide an extra level of depth for your prospects to see, answering potential questions before they have even thought of them – which will entice them towards your services. 

2) Equipment to show the scope of knowledge 

Not only will a client want to see the types of workouts you are able to provide, but they also want to see the equipment you use. 

For example, if a client has set a goal to deadlift 160kg, and you post a professional image to your social media of yourself deadlifting. It will catch their eye and they will be more inclined to contact you as they can see you have the knowledge and experience to help reach their goals. 

What’s more, having images of you in action builds credibility and will reassure potential and current clients that you are trustworthy and an expert in your field. 
Not only that, but if you have a unique style of training that sets you aside from your competition, you should showcase this unique selling point through your images. Whether you incorporate boxing into your training, tyres or the TRX – you are more likely to attract a client by championing what makes you unique.  

3) Candid/Creative to show personality  

When building a personal brand, it is crucial to stay professional. But letting clients get to know the person behind the brand is equally as important. Having candid and creative images that allow people to see your personality will help them get to know you (and invest in you as a person!) 

People want to do business with someone they like. So, it is highly beneficial to have this personal side on show to help gain and retain clients. 
Shared interests bring people together, so ensure you occasionally share images that show what you enjoy doing. Perhaps that is playing 5-a-side, going for a hike, or playing in the park with your kids. Whatever your hobby, capturing images of you doing what you love is an excellent way of building rapport and increasing relatability. 

4) Products to show expertise 

When first starting out with a client, you of course get to know their way of living and suggest ways to move towards a healthier lifestyle. Depending on the client’s current habits, this may involve introducing some changes – such as recommending they weigh their food to help achieve their goals. With this, comes product recommendations. In these situations, it’s helpful to have images of the product’s you are vouching for.  

If a client can see that you have invested in this product and use it as part of your routine, they will be more comfortable trusting your judgement and recommendations. 

Additionally, when recommending well-known brands and renowned products, it helps to show your expertise, enhancing your credibility. 

5) Transformation to show results 

When looking for a personal trainer, a prospect wants to find someone to help them achieve results. It is essential to have transformation images to show not only your own progress but your clients’ progress too. Client transformation images will act as social proof and reassure your prospects that you are capable of what you say you can do. 

Furthermore, having images of your clients alongside testimonials will increase your reputation, helping you to build a trustworthy brand. 

How can Picture Perfect Photography help? 

Here at Picture Perfect Photography, we have photographed our founder Collette on her fitness journey. She is competing in women’s bodybuilding for the British, Worlds and pro card, so we know how to photograph a winner and showcase their hard work. 

Additionally, we have a cost-effective way of ticking all these types of images off the to-do list… Introducing our subscription package that keeps you on track throughout the whole year with fresh new personalised photos. 

This package can be used over various locations, different periods of time, for any style of shoot. If you are looking to capture any (or all!) of the above types of images for your brand, get in contact to learn more about our subscription service package. 

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