5 Top Fitness Tips to Get Motivated Post Lockdown


Lockdown has possibly been the biggest challenge we will ever face. While gyms have been shut and other regulations have been in place, we have had to adapt to a new normal.

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or part-timer, this obstacle has meant we faced interruptions to our usual exercise routine. For some, this ‘new normal’ may be taking part in home workouts, occasionally following a virtual personal trainer such as Joe Wicks or Bradley Simmons, or maybe you haven’t been exercising at all and lost all kinds of motivation. Because let’s face it, we don’t have anywhere we need to be, let alone be in-shape for, and those online sessions are getting very repetitive.

But don’t worry, we’re all going through the same thing and it will soon be over. With the hope that gym restrictions are lifting in the coming weeks, we have put together 5 top tips to get yourself motivated for success.

1. Determine your drive

This will help you work out what is going to motivate you through this journey from couch to success. So, what does ‘success’ look like for you? Maybe it’s fitting into an outfit that you haven’t been able to wear since lockdown started; maybe it’s being able to tackle a Tough Mudder course.

Once you’ve thought of what your end goal looks like, write it down, over and over… Maybe create a mood board on Pinterest or put it on a t-shirt to get in the zone. This needs to be in the forefront of your mind and keep you focused.

2. Positivity breeds positivity

This is your personal journey, no one else’s! Having an optimistic outlook can allow you to overcome hurdles that get in the way of achieving your goals. Tap into your competitive side and aim to beat your personal best. You can also surround yourself with those cheesy motivational quotes that boost positive self-attitude – they really can work!

And why not stand out from other progress and transformation pictures with a professional shoot with us? These will keep you focused on your goal and allow you to visually reap the rewards. And no need to stress about what angles work best, lighting etc, we got you covered. Check out a selection of our portfolio below.

3. Start small

Set yourself small, attainable targets that can build up towards your bigger goal. The trick is to take it one day at a time… Scheduling a weekly plan for what you aim to achieve each day is a great tip as it will focus your activity.  Some days could achieve more than others, such as mastering a perfect push-up, while other days could be smaller, like a 30-minute walk. We have created a 7-day challenge that can get you started on your way to your goal. Check this out below.

4. Support your goal

One way of making your goal more achievable is to manage the other factors around your main goal. For example, this could be getting extra encouragement from a workout buddy or new fitness outfit!

Another way we would recommend supporting your fitness goal is to eat clean. An accompanying diet is essential to see positive fitness results, no doubt about it. Meal planning is a perfect way to select your weekly meals so that you can fuel your body with necessary nutrition… and these can include cheat days as a way to reward yourself. 

Here are some tasty recipe ideas from sports company Santini 7 Sports to give you some food inspo with extra nutrition.

5. Don’t give up

You got this! It may be a slow process, but quitting won’t speed it up. Just enjoy the journey and don’t be too hard on yourself if it’s tougher or takes longer than you thought. Commit yourself to your goals by signing up to a gym or classes, get your favourite playlist on, head down and focus on what you want to achieve. Always check back in with your progress pics at any time to give yourself a boost.

Come out of lockdown in style – book a professional photoshoot using the link below to showcase your achievements (or for extra motivation)! 

Did you enjoy these tips or want to update us on how you’re getting on? Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or tag us in your posts.

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