February 2022 – Latest Work

In the usual Picture Perfect fashion, the start of 2022 has already been a busy one, take a look at everything we captured in February.

Mission Tea

Mission Tea is a “natural performance teas to beat crash from energy drinks and coffees”.

In this studio shoot, we experimented with coloured lighting and a variety of different props to match the brand style perfectly as well as making the image more creative and visionary. With them being shot overhead on the floor of the studio, this allows for a new perspective to be seen of the product, contrasting to if it were just shot on the tabletop. Also, as Mission Tea is a fitness product, we decided to feature a subscription client, Zed Bikes, to represent another element of fitness in the shoot.

Josh McDool at Strength Positive

Josh McDool is a coach, wanting a variety of images including nutrition, healthy living and even his dog for personal branding on social media. This shoot was located at his home, meaning that capturing his personality was much easier and therefore more natural and beneficial. We photographed his life and more specifically his daily routine, exploring into what life is about as a coach and how he spends his time in healthy living. As you can see, we are extremely flexible when it comes to imagery and what we do, using your time efficiently.

Jane McNiece

This location shoot at Jane McNiece’s home is for her debut book cover which allowed her to be able to relax and feel comfortable in her surroundings. Doing this allowed her to express her personality well, putting her ideas and feelings across to her audience.

For the second part of this shoot, Jane McNiece was in the studio with a vibrant background, bursting with colour. Due to the main theme of her book being around autism, the array of colours allows her feelings and emotions to be expressed in a vivid manor.

It was important to capture the National Autistic Society shirt and hoodie as well as her facial expressions as Jane felt that represented her and her autism. 

The umbrella prop was also an important part of this shoot as it showed the name of her book. 

Overall, this contrasts well with the first shoot as it shows the two sides of Jane, one being innocent and shy whilst the other being explosive and full of emotion. 

House of Gain

For this project, we headed over to one of our favourite local gyms – House of Gain. We were on set to capture the gyms’ brand-new state of the art equipment and do some PT shoots while we were there for their personal socials. If you want to check them out their Instagram handle is @houseofgaingym.    

Muscle Moose

This shoot was creative to showcase a zero sugar energy drink in all its glory! We wanted to experiment with some creative retouch in product photography. The conclusion was two solid product photos featuring bold colours to represent the fruity flavours. 

To create this shoot we sourced some fresh fruit to chop up and edit into the shots afterward. We were super happy with the final images. 

Alongside photographing this shoot, we had a local videographer, Alex, come along to try and create a commercial style mini clip of the products too. These can be found here: If you want to take a further look at this brand their Insta handle is @musclemoosehq. 

Good Performance Nutrition

For this product shoot, we were asked to completely manage the project. The client posted out the product and we got to work! This brand is a protein performance supplement company with clear and crisp branding. 

To suit this, we used bold colours to really make the products stand out against dark backdrops. 

We wanted to show the delicious flavours of these products so we sourced props like fresh fruit and confectionaries to match the taste the consumer will enjoy when they try the products. For example; fresh bananas, toffees and raspberry sauce to show the raspberry ripple!

If you’re interested in Good Performance products, you can find them on Instagram at @goodperformancenutrition.

Be More Social

In January we headed over to one of our regular subscription clients, Be More Social, for a catch-up shoot to showcase their office space and staff!

The plan was to get a mixture of shots for the brand to use across their website and social media channels. 

The goal was to capture their relaxed and friendly workspace, representing their close-knit community where banter and energy are flowing!

We also needed to take updated headshots for new staff and update any previous team members.

These were some of the finished images: 

If you’d like to take a look at their services, you can find them on Instagram and most social platforms – @bemoresocial. 

Concorde BGW Group

Adventure time! 

Collette and Abbie travelled to Durham this month to shoot for our long-standing subscription client; Concorde BGW group. This project was an overnight stay as it included shooting both Fighting Cocks and Seven Stars. 

There is always a key focus on furniture and fittings when we work with Concorde.

With there being two members of the team on-hand, we manage to capture both full room wide angles, and up-close details. Both are super important for the business to portray through their online presence.

The first day of the trip was the busy local pub, Fighting Cocks. 

The second day was the Seven Stars Inn which is in the quaint village of Shincliffe. Again, here the focus was to capture every aspect of the pub/Inn both up close and from wide angles.

Collette and Abbie travelled up to Durham to shoot for subscription client Concorde BGW group – stayed over to complete both fighting cocks and seven stars 

1079 Fitness

A fabulous new client of ours here. 1079 is a fantastic premier fitness facility based in Pocklington. 

The first shoot was, to begin with capturing all different areas of the gym, showcase the elite equipment, get images of products on sale in the gym and begin getting headshots of the owner and team to use on social media. 

Check them out at @1079fitness on Instagram. 

Strength Positive

Another regular subscription client of ours – Strength Positive in Rotherham. This shoot was another monthly meet up to capture some fresh content for the team to use on their socials and website – they are extremely pro-active with their online presence, and it shows! 

The focus of this shoot was to capture a group session, so we needed to capture multiple people at once along with capturing the coaches instructing. 

The best way to do this was to attend a bootcamp session, which may be out of our working hours, but we work above and beyond where we can to meet your individual needs! 

If you’re local and fancy a bootcamp session, go give them a follow on Instagram @strengthpositive



Protein bars are a must in our office with Collette and Jen both training seriously and regularly. 

FULFIL bars are high up on their list of favourites so we thought it only right to use them as a case study for some lifestyle product photography!

This was an in-studio shoot where we utilised our office space to show the FULFILS customers that their bars are perfect to take to work for a healthy snack. 

These imaged were created with the intention for them to be used on social media to assist with marketing campaigns. 

If you have an upcoming project or want to show off your fitness transformation, you’d like our help with, get in touch. 

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