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Are you looking for a photographer or videographer to deliver superior visuals for your audience or your clients? We understand the importance of delivering endless value for our clients, and are committed to do the same for you.

A bit about me.

I’m Collette, a seasoned professional photographer and content creator with a career spanning back to 2002. Over the years, I’ve honed my skills across a spectrum of photography disciplines, including Weddings, Events, and Commercial projects. However, my current specialisation lies in the realm of creative product, health, and fitness photography.

My true passion lies in helping brands establish their visual identity. I achieve this by collaborating closely with them, strategically positioning their unique selling points in the marketplace through a meticulously crafted content creative strategy and plan. Whether we’re working from our studios in Yorkshire or out on location, our primary goal is to deliver results that align seamlessly with a brand’s image, business objectives, and sales targets.

My professional journey boasts some remarkable achievements, including being a finalist in the British Photography Awards for three consecutive years, in 2020, 2021, and 2022. These accolades not only mark career milestones but also stand as a testament to my enduring love for photography.

On a personal note, I proudly hold the title of Women’s Natural Bodybuilding World Champion for 2023. This achievement enables me to infuse a personal touch and genuine enthusiasm into the content I create, allowing me to empathize with your clients on a profound level. Additionally, I often provide User-Generated Content (UGC) and Influencer content for brands, further enhancing my unique approach to content creation.

My favorite aspect of this profession is collaborating with like-minded business professionals on conceptual creative projects. It’s where the magic happens, and I thrive on the opportunity to bring innovative ideas to life.

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Do you have a photography studio?

Yes. Our professional studio is in Barnsley, Yorkshire. With a variety of quality backdrops and staging equipment combined with expert lighting, we are all set to capture your brand’s story.

Can you travel to us?

Yes. We also love to work on location and come to your offices.

What areas do you cover?

We mostly work locally in Yorkshire, but we also cover the rest of the UK and internationally.

Can you arrange models for our photoshoot?

Yes. We are happy to source models.

Can you remove background on a photo?

Yes. We are experienced in ‘clipping’ images and removing backgrounds for a clean finish.

Can you provide video?

No. But, we work with a handful of excellent local videographers. We are happy to recommend any of them to you.

Can you provide graphic design?

No. But we work with some talented local graphic designers. We are happy to recommend any of them to you.


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