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Our intrepid leader Collette has been visiting London recently. Not once, but twice in just a few days, to capture seven different clients over two exhibitions with very different industries. The trips were not without their challenges, but ever the trooper, Collette overcame her challenges to deliver plenty of amazing content to her clients. 

Taste of London: A Gastronomic Delight in Regents Park

An exciting event that Picture Perfect Photography covered was Taste of London, a renowned food and drink festival held in the picturesque Regents Park. 

For this first event of the two, Collette decided to head down on the train on Thursday to avoid the notoriously crazy London traffic. However, train cancellations and delays caused her some headaches that meant she arrived at the show at 3:30pm. Considering the first half of the show closed at 4pm before opening again at 5pm, this was far from ideal. However, Collette’s dedication and professionalism shone through. She worked tirelessly to ensure that every moment and detail of the event were captured flawlessly from then on. 

Collette had the pleasure of working with five different clients during this event, each representing a unique facet of the culinary world.

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Knack Snacks: Elevating Healthy Treats

One of Collette’s clients at Taste of London was Knack Snacks, a retailer of healthy treats. Their crunchy protein balls are a delicious and nutritious alternative to traditional sweet snacks like Maltesers. We’ve worked with them many times over to capture their delicious products in our Yorkshire studio, so they know what to expect when they work with Collette. As ever, she expertly captured the essence of their brand, showcasing their stand in the best possible light. 

Varo Foods: The Taste of Nigeria

Varo Foods, a maker of authentic Nigerian cuisine, was another client Collette had the privilege of working with, at Taste of London. Through her lens, she captured the vibrant flavours and cultural richness of their dishes, bringing them to life for potential customers.

Boom Sauce: Artisanal Heat and Flavour

We love a spicy sauce here at Picture Perfect Photography, and Boom Sauce are a retailer of artisan chili sauces. They brought their fiery creations to Taste of London and Collette worked hard to provide them with 30 amazing pictures and a highlight reel. 

Planted: Delighting Taste Buds, Nourishing Souls

Planted, a producer of delicious plant-based foods that can be found on the shelves of Morrisons, Ocado, and Planet Organic, was another client that Collette skilfully photographed at the festival. Her images captured the essence of their plant-based creations, showcasing the vibrant colours and enticing textures that make their dishes so appealing.

Wine that’s Fruit: Sustainable Elegance

Finally, Collette had the pleasure of working with Wine that’s Fruit, a manufacturer of high-quality sustainable fresh British wines. Through her lens, she highlighted the elegance of the packaging and visitors to the stand, enticing wine enthusiasts who were thirsty to explore their offerings.

Despite the setback, at the end of the amazing event where many of the world’s delicious food and drink were on show, all our lovely clients received some great content that will be used on social media in a variety of ways, on websites and blogs, and in other marketing literature. 

We delivered 30+ high-quality photographs within 72 hours, and then a 90-second event highlight reel the day later to each of our five clients, meeting their expectations and then exceeding them. 

This rapid turnaround time, particularly after such a challenging event and considering Collette was back in London for a separate event just days later, is a testament to our commitment to providing a service that keeps our clients returning time and again.

The Health Optimisation Summit: Embracing Wellness and Inspiration

The second event that Collette had the pleasure of attending was the Health Optimisation Summit, which landed on the Saturday of the same week. This highly anticipated health and wellness exhibition brought together industry experts, delivering insightful talks and sharing cutting-edge knowledge in wellbeing, epigenetics, and science-based health. Collette worked alongside her existing clients, Super Botanics and Power Plate, to capture their expo experience firsthand.

Having learned big lessons from the previous event, Collette was leaving nothing to chance, and set off early in her car to ensure she would have enough time to cover each of her amazing clients in good time and do their exhibition presence justice, as well as get some experiences of her own personal value too. 

Collette is a natural bodybuilding titleholder, and she places as much focus on her mental well-being as she does on her physical, so she used the Health Optimisation Summit to get involved in some of the inspirational talks and meet up with some great names in the industry. Of course, as with all expos and industry events, it was also an opportunity to get some serious networking in. 

As with the Taste of London, Collette was able to deliver high-quality images to her clients in just a few days, so that they could promote their presence there whilst the memories and relationships created were still fresh in everybody’s minds. 

The Dedication of a Professional Event Photographer

Collette’s commitment to her craft and her clients is truly remarkable. Despite the challenges faced, she never compromises on quality and ensures that each client receives exceptional imagery and video content. With over twenty years of experience, she possesses the expertise and adaptability to capture the essence of any event, delivering stunning results every time.

What the weekend really shone a light on was Collette’s dedication to delivering what she says she will, to her event and expo clients, no matter what hurdles she needs to overcome to get there. 

Whether it’s health and wellness expos, food and drink festivals, or other industry events, Picture Perfect Photography is your trusted partner for professional event photography in London. We can work indoors or outdoors, in large venues or small. Collette’s dedication, attention to detail, and creative vision will ensure that your brand’s presence is captured in a way that resonates with your audience.

Contact Picture Perfect Photography today to discuss your future event photography needs and let us help you create stunning visuals that will elevate your brand’s presence and leave a lasting impression. You can either book a discovery call, give us a call directly at 01226 872517, or drop us a message on WhatsApp at 07458099039 and let us know what you need. We’ll be delighted to help.

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