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Bringing your vision to life.

Your vision.
Endless possibilities.

Take your images from ordinary to superior.


Our team of creative professionals will work with you to materialise your vision by stretching the imagination and challenging the norm. We strive to provide you with striking imagery that will delight your audience.


Through the use of CGI, the possibilities are endless.

Intelligent design & CGI capabilities

Professionally captured photographs are hugely valuable to any business looking to take its brand to the next level across all its promotional outlets. Whether it’s photography that delivers a crisp visual of your products that enables your customers to get up close and personal, or its lifestyle photography featuring a series of models on location. Whether it’s on your website, in your marketing brochures, or across multiple social media platforms, there’s very little that a professionally captured photograph cannot improve, especially online.


The quality of the photograph is essential, and we have the award-nominated photographer Collette Evans at the helm to ensure everything that happens in the studio or on location is captured to the best possible level. However, even the best photographs requires some level of post-production work to make them stand out even more.


This is where our creative retouch services come in. Creative retouching services are a vital aspect of photography that involves enhancing the quality of images through techniques such as colour correction, image manipulation, and CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). This process would be used when perhaps building a full room set isn’t commercially viable, or cost-effective or you want to create a hybrid advertising style ad campaign between what’s real and GCI – for example, a can of cold drink with the liquid bursting out of it. This is difficult and timely to capture through the camera and so it is best done in post-production for greater results that really reflect the creative and energetic vibe that an advertiser would need, to drive a real thirst in the audience (pun intended!).  

Your vision.
Endless possibilities.

Here at Picture Perfect Photography, we have professionals on hand with the software, experience and skills, to perform high quality creative retouching on each image we capture for our clients. Using advanced software such as Photoshop and Lightroom, we endeavour to provide you with the absolute best possible quality images that will reflect the quality of you, your brand and your products.

The Creative Retouch Process

We can work with your existing images, if you’ve had them shot previously elsewhere, however, the process will require some additional work to ensure you receive CGI images that are of a high standard. We recommend you get in touch with our team to discuss this.

Zania Clothing - Fitness Product Photography

Step 3

The cropped visuals and inspiring images would go to our Creative Retouch partner for a full CGI treatment. You will receive your images ten-fourteen days after the initial image editing had been completed

Step 1

We will work with you to gather inspiration and source stock images that accurately reflect what kind of visual might work with your products.

Step 2

On the shoot day, we would take note of the lighting direction, and capture individual visual assets on plain backgrounds, which would be removed later.

The benefits of using creative retouch

Creative Freedom

Give yourself the creative freedom to produce tailored & stand-out images – the only limit to what you can achieve with CGI imagery is your imagination, but you will have Collette on hand to provide you with the benefit of her decades of photographic experience.

Reduce Costs

Reduce the overall costs of your project, by removing the need to build a set – CGI enables you and your photographer to build a whole digital set that will do the work for you

Get more out of existing assets

Repurpose existing SKU images & create CGI images that will wow and engage your audience – we can work with any photograph you bring to us, to turn them from plain product photography into spectacular branded visuals that really pop off of the page or the screen

Build Your Marketing Campaign

Add in graphics and brand messaging – with CGI you can build an entire advertising campaign around your professionally captured photographs, which will be on brand and the messages can be adapted to different audiences, and even into different languages if you’re focused on an international market

Getting started is easy

When you work with Picture Perfect Photography, you work with an all-around creative studio. We plan, source, and organise your photoshoots, including mood boards and ideas, models, and locations.


Everything is tailored to your needs, and whilst all shoots include professional image editing as standard, Creative Retouch is a next-level optional service that can help to bring your products and people to life in ways you couldn’t imagine.

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