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When capturing clothing product photography, you want your brand’s identity to shine through and encourage your audience to relate to the images.


The first step in planning this type of shoot is to decide how you’re going to use the images, will they be on your website showcasing your product range, will they be used in print advertisements or perhaps you’ll be using them on social media to grab your audience’s interest?


However you use them, we have a range of different tools at our disposal to make sure your garments are being shown in the best possible way. We’re able to photograph your clothing on location, creating images that are best for social media as your customers will see the image, be immersed, and then intrigued to learn more about the piece.


Alternatively, our 3-story studio has space for us to best capture your products. We can explore what sort of images will be best for your brand, model photography, white background photography, invisible mannequin images, or perhaps even a flat lay to share on social media or blogs? We’ll collaborate with you and make suggestions from our years of experience.


We have experience capturing a multitude of different types of fashion, high fashion, haute couture, independent boutique, editorial fashion images, images for influencers, great outdoors, gym fitness, and sports fashion photography, all for a variety of brands. Because of this, we know the importance of capturing detail.

Our four-step method to accelerating businesses couldn’t be easier:


Book a discovery call
Discuss and plan the photoshoot


Shoot day!


Add your photos to your website and social media

Having high-quality, detailed images will reduce the number of questions that a potential customer has. And the more questions that can be answered by capturing fastenings (zips, logos, motifs etc.) the higher the chance of a sale.


We recognise that an image of a piece of clothing can make a customer close a sale. That is why we’ll work with you to capture creative, professional images. We will work with you to plan the shoot, make suggestions of how you can prepare ahead of time – don’t forget it’s important to have your pieces looking their best, so you will want to make sure all clothing is ironed and steamed before the photoshoot. If it will benefit your images, we’ll make suggestions as to what props to use in the background or suggest different poses which better show your pieces.


After the clothing photoshoot, we’ll work to best present each item of clothing by retouching it in post-production. We ensure that every image is high resolution and is consistently accurate in terms of colour through photo editing. If needed, we’re able to remove backgrounds.

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