Behind the scenes: industry hacks from a fitness content creator

It’s been incredible to see the changes in how the fitness industry runs over recent years. In an increasingly visual world, we’ve seen massive growth in online coaching and training programmes, and for those of us in the fitness industry it’s increasingly important to be a fitness content creator.

It’s no longer enough just to be knowledgeable in your field, you need to know how to communicate what you know to a visual world and create a personal brand which stands out from your competitors.

Social media is a hugely powerful tool in visual marketing, allowing you to establish your identity online, and requiring a visual strategy – turning average personal trainers and athletes into fitness content creators.

In recent years we’ve also seen a transition on Instagram and other social media platforms from focusing on static images, to now favouring dynamic video content – which is of course essential for YouTube and Tiktok too.

It’s clear that to grab your audience’s increasingly limited attention span you need to prioritise creating high-quality video content, but this can feel overwhelming. 

Where do you start?

Where to start with creating your content

We’re here in this blog to offer our top tips and industry insights from Picture Perfect Photography – not only marketing expertise, but from Collette’s own journey of being a fitness athlete, we’ve walked in your shoes.

So here are our ten top tips to help you see behind the scenes of a fitness content creator and what goes into creating top-quality attention-grabbing video content for your platform.

Know your audience

Top of the list is to know your target audience or ‘dream client’ and tailor your content to them. 

What will they enjoy, what are they interested in, and how can you meet their needs? 

Having this as the foundation of everything you post is truly the key to being a winning fitness content creator.

Plan your content

It might not sound very exciting, but sitting down and planning out what you’re going to post is crucial to keeping your content fresh as well as allowing you to…

Post with consistency

Adding new content regularly is key to keeping your audience engaged, as well as giving the algorithms good reason to keep your content showing up for the right people.

Invest in some quality equipment

You want to make sure that the content you’re putting out there is of the same quality as your fitness knowledge; creating an online identity will rest on the impression you give, so it’s worth investing in some kit which will provide good quality audio and visuals.

Be authentically you

Be yourself! 

As a fitness content creator you need to show your expertise, but do this authentically by sharing your experience too. 

Telling your audience your workout routines and diet plans will be so much more relatable if it’s alongside your own fitness journey, with all the highs and lows, to show your audience that you’re genuine and that your journey could be theirs too.

Show your face

Linked to being authentic online is showing your face in your content. 

This shows that you’re a real person and will encourage your audience to engage. 

And don’t just take our word for it – this study by Bakhshi et al. investigated Instagram posts and found that ‘ photos with faces are 38% more likely to receive likes and 32% more likely to receive comments.’

Film as much as possible

It can be hard to know what to post, or you might realise you would have the perfect video clip to go in your Instagram reel if only you’d filmed your workout yesterday. 

Within reason, try to film as much as you can of your daily routine; even the bits that are boring can be used for B-roll background shots with text overlaid, or a behind-the-scenes insights reel.

It’s always better to have too much footage than not enough.

Write in line with SEO

In your captions, titles, descriptions, and tags, optimise the text so that it comes up first in search engines and gets your content shown to the right people.

Don’t forget your CTAs

Make sure everything you post has a Call To Action (CTA) – what do you want your audience to do about this? 

This could be a ‘get in contact’ button, encouraging them to subscribe to your channel or asking them to drop a comment – whatever your aim is for that post.

Engage with your audience

The great thing about social media is that it’s social! 

But often brands use it like any other marketing platform, simply posting their own content without engaging with the others on there. 

Replying to comments, dropping people an encouraging DM, and responding to feedback on your channel are all ways that you can be a relatable human as well as a fitness content creator.

Should I become a fitness content creator, or work with one?

At Picture Perfect Photography we’re committed to helping people to release the best content they can, whether that’s through empowering you to create it yourself, or providing our skills in content creation and marketing to you.

If you decide you’d rather work with an industry expert than go it alone as a fitness content creator, you’ve come to the right place – we can help with content planning, creating your video content and optimising it for the best visibility.

We also have our very own photography studio in Yorkshire where we can take photo and video content to keep your feed dynamic and varied, drawing on our fitness expertise to use the perfect lighting and poses to show the strength and power of your body.

Having become a British and World titleholder in bodybuilding and built a successful online platform herself, Collette Evans – the woman behind the camera and the brains behind our marketing support – is uniquely well-placed to give you the head start you need as a fitness content creator, or to become yours. Get in contact today – she’d love to hear from you.

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