Beginner’s Guide to DIY Product Photography

As a business owner, you will know the importance of marketing and the role photography plays when you are trying to advertise and sell your products, online, in person and through traditional printed marketing materials. Many businesses make a decision to either take their own product photography photos or employ a professional to do it for them.

We have detailed our 5 top tips below to help you take your own product photos or to help you know what to look out for and what to expect when you are trying to find a professional product photographer.

Tip 1

Making sure the product is clean and free of any marks. Clean the product so it is looking its best for the photoshoot. A good hack for metal products would be to rub a small amount of baby oil onto the product, to give it a shiny look.

Tip 2

Think about the background you will shoot your products on. Solid white backgrounds will always show your product as it is, in the best way for website listings etc where people need to see what they are buying. More real-world, dynamic backgrounds will be effective for social media and marketing. Decide on which one you want to use, or maybe do a bit of both.

Tip 3

Consider using a tripod. A tripod will make sure you can achieve consistent angles and scale while photographing your products. Tripods offer a convenient method of product shooting and they are very inexpensive. No matter if you are using a phone or a camera for your images, you will be able to use a tripod. Seeing as the camera will also be set up in one particular place means that the shoot will take considerably less time as a tripod will allow for less moving parts and you may focus on the product, its positioning and how it looks.

Tip 4

Make sure you have enough light. No matter what type of photography anyone does, the most important part is the lighting. Industrial workplaces are not ordinarily a bright enough place to shoot. This is where you may have to invest in some artificial lighting, even this, however, does not have to be expensive. You can buy constant video lights from Newer on amazon pretty cheaply. These will do the trick and allow you an ideal amount of light for your shoot. Alternatively, you can always take photos outside. This does however prove to be tricky in the case of products as the lighting is indeed suitable, but you may find that factors such as the weather will dictate when you shoot and create inconsistency.

Tip 5

Edit your images to enhance the end result. To give your photos a final enhancement, you can use a piece of editing software so they lookthat little bit more defined and stand out. Tweaking the clarity, blacks and shadows specifically will make sure your product stands out off the background, or alternatively, it will make moody creative shots more interesting and defined. The best piece of free software would be Adobe Lightroom on all mobile app stores. It will provide you with all of the editing capabilities you could need for your product photography.

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