April 2021 – Latest Work

April 2021 has been a busy month for Picture Perfect Photography as a whole. Collette Evans, our Premium Photographer, has truly been back into the photography-swing-of-things since lockdown lifted. As well as our monthly subscription work, there has also been a lot of new conceptually creative projects which we have been excited to showcase for you to enjoy. 

Veterinary Instrumentation

Veterinary Instrumentation are a great subscription client, who we work with for multiple day shoots. For these projects, we invested in a brand-new camera and lens. We bought the Canon 5DS, which shoots in much higher file sizes, allowing us to consistently crop products into focus whilst retaining vital details. The branding of a company is important to create a professional look across websites and marketing materials, therefore we shot on a white background and continue this throughout all the shoots. Check out the intricate details of these products below and view the behind the scenes video here:  

Euphoria Boutique  

Euphoria Boutique are another one of our subscription clients who have weekly clothing shoots on a white background for their ecommerce store. We have recently added props in the background and used our studio floor to add a more relaxed, relatable, and modern feel. The challenges we face during these shoots is keeping the brand image fresh and colourful without detracting too much attention away from the clothing items, see how we did this below:  


To boost the variety of our portfolio, we shot a homeware range from Habitat in our photography studio. We used modern colour schemes and various camera angles to achieve a trendy and modern look. The angles of the camera and table are used to build interest and lead the eye around the image. We took many shots with a range of colours and layouts until we produced the best shot for the products. Here is the outcome: 

Haywood & Padgett 

Haywood & Padgett are a family run business based in Yorkshire; this project was all about celebrating their business through a PR shoot. The weather challenged us this day, however it didn’t stop us capturing the best image. We shot in various locations on site and wanted to produce an industrial look to the photos, therefore we shot with the flour silos in the background. This image was their favourite: 

Haywood and Padgett Company Photography

Invincible Women 

We had the honour of shooting the photos for the brand launch of Invincible Women. The process we used when approaching this shoot was starting with a mood board and generating initial ideas, stock images were researched and chosen after the shoot. The images were shot in the studio, on coloured backgrounds to ensure tones were correct and any reflections from the light were correct and then ‘clipped out’ ready for the background to be removed and replaced with cartoon graphics for client approval. Check out the images: 

Made to Move

This on-location shoot at Made to Move‘s physio clinic based in Sheffield started with a detailed shoot list, created beforehand, to ensure we maximized the time. The shots were lit with one light in the treatment room and two lights in the gym. Take a look:  

Marsden Weighing 

Marsden Weighing offer bespoke weighing solutions and distribute their products globally. For this shoot, they wanted white background images to promote on theri website. This was a studio and on-location shoot, see white background images below and the behind the scenes video here

Steven Hall

Steven Hall had a personal trainer and transformation photoshoot, check out the full portfolio here, and our YouTube video here for more information and behind the scenes of this shoot.

PhD Nutrition

This was work created for our portfolio for PhD Nutrition‘s fitness suppliment products. We incorporated eye catching backgrounds to represent energy and coloured lighting from behind to contrast the products. Using retouch, we straightened the edge along the top of the bag to make it look neater. Here is the final outcome: 

The Alternative Board  

We helped shoot the personal branding and headshot photos for The Alternative Board website and LinkedIn to promote coaching services. This shoot needed to feel personal, we used backgrounds, props & lighting to match brand colours (blue & orange) and took a more casual approach to produce images that are inviting. See below: 

Made in Yorkshire

And as well as all the above, we completed and launched our Made in Yorkshire project images. If you haven’t seen them already and want to be WOW’ed, check out the full portfolio by clicking the image below.

MIY Results Compliation

Stay tuned to see next months exciting upcoming projects; those including Ardagh Glass, a glass manufacturing company that sources for beer, spirits and food products.

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