Why Creating Great Product Images for Amazon Should be Your Top Priority

Optimising Your E-commerce Product Photography Opportunity on Amazon

Amazon is an exciting opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to access new customers and grow their businesses, but also means that creating high-quality product images for Amazon should be your top priority.

The number one global online retailer had over 404 million visits to the UK in January 2020 and almost 90% of British shoppers use Amazon.

Standing out from the competition

To be able to stand out from the competition, you’ll need great product images for amazon

Excellent and accurate images are especially important in an online retail setting because potential customers cannot touch and feel a product like they can in a physical store.

A good image helps the customer decide on the best product to meet their needs.

67% of online shoppers rate good quality images as more important than product-specific information, such as the product description or reviews, when deciding to make a purchase.

But beyond that, you need to stick to the rules – especially with Amazon’s image requirements.

Amazon’s product image requirements

Amazon wants to ensure the best online experience for their customers. As such, they have strict requirements for online retailers that use their platform. Failing to stick to these rules can have serious consequences for you as a retailer. The consequences range from deleting your listing to suspending your access to some tools on the site. Or worse, removed from the platform altogether.

That obviously means a potentially significant loss of revenue!

Major offenses include:

  1. The product title and image do not match
  2. The image is blurry or pixelated or has jagged edges
  3. The image has additional text, graphics, or watermarks
  4. The product is cropped or not wholly visible in the image
  5. Images showing multiple product views, colors, or sizes
  6. Images showing visible mannequin
  7. The company lists their image requirements on their website, but here is a quick rundown of how you can stay on the right side of the rules.

The images must be clean – in all senses of the word. Image backgrounds must be pure white, and not contain additional text, graphics, or insert images. Also, It should be free of any additional and confusing objects.

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How to take creative product photos

The images must be clear and crisp

If the image is not the official cover art, it must be a professional photograph of the product you are selling. Drawings or illustrations of the product are not allowed. The photo must be in focus, professionally lit and photographed, or scanned, with realistic color and smooth edges.

The images must be complete and full

The full product must be in a frame. If you are selling a book, music, or video/DVD, the image should be the front cover art and fill 100% of the frame. Do not show jeweled cases, promotional stickers, and cellophane.

All other products should fill 85% or more of the image frame.

How Picture Perfect Photography can help you stick to these rules

Picture Perfect Photography helps you fulfill all of these requirements without any of the hassle. Picture Perfect Photography has helped lots of online retail clients from a range of industries boost their online sales conversions, thanks to our easy-to-use product photography solution.

We will create your product images for Amazon that will get your listing approved and buyers buying. In fact, it’s really simple, just follow these 3 simple steps:

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2. Send us your products – Images can then be shot in our purpose-built studio.
3. Receive your Amazon ready images & upload

We will edit out the background, leaving the product to stand out on a beautiful white background. We crop and resize the image to make sure that the item takes center stage. Finally, we apply enhancements to the raw image, making sure the product looks as good as it can to capture a potential customer’s attention.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to start selling your products online. You can get a quote today and find out just how easy it is for yourself!

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