5 Top Tips on How to take Photos with your Phone

Attending an event? Need to capture the day and share all the exciting and fun things that are happening at your stand, but not only that get some creative and fresh content for your social to show off your product? In this blog post, we will share our five top tips, so you can make the most out of your time at the event by taking the perfect content-worthy photos for your socials just by using your Phone!

1. Branding

Always include branding.

When taking your photo, always remember to show off and market your branding. Make sure the branding is clear and recognisable from your photo. Don’t forget to take pictures of your stand when it’s nice and busy with people with your branding in the shot too!

2. Product

Get product photos in situ.

Think positioning, background and lighting to create those clean lines, and with great lighting you can instantly highlight those important details of your product and bring the feeling of your event to life.

3. People

That’s your team, any ambassadors or influencers and people at your stand!

People like to buy from people, so show the people involved in your business and sell a feeling and a connection. Get team photos and shots of your ambassadors and influencers at your stand and with your product; that’s people wearing your product, or eating your product. Think about each image bringing the right message to the right customer, that will inspire your audience and your customers to buy from you.

4. Capture

Think forward and get varied photos.

Our key top tip on how to take photos with your Phone is to make sure to clean your camera lens! Everyone always forgets this very important tip. Also, ensure to take varied images during the day and take photos of landscape and portraits for later use. When framing up your perfect photo, be aware of what cropping may happen when uploading to your socials too, so make sure your focus is centred.

5. Edit

Make your photos pop!

When it comes to social media you need your photos to pop, to engage with your audience and make you stand out when your audience is actively scrolling feeds. Play with lighting, filters and editing apps so your photos are bright and clear. We recommend the Snapseed or Lightroom Express apps to edit your photos.


There you have it: 5 Top Tips on How to Take Photos with your Phone

  1. Always include branding in your photos.
  2. Get product photos in situ.
  3. Get photos of your team, ambassadors and influencer, AND people at your stand!
  4. Clean your camera lens, and shoot portrait AND landscape.
  5. Edit your photos to make them bright and clear to pop in your social feeds!

Taking photos with your phone can be efficient to get the instant social content that you need on the day as photography is all about creating impactful visuals that can effectively communicate your business and help you connect with your audience and customers.

If you’d like to explore professional product photography for your business, ask us about our subscription membership plans – saving you time, money and stress as we produce you consistent and fresh content each month. Get in touch today and let’s discuss how we can help you create, striking creative photography for your growing business.

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