5 Great Product Photography Ideas for a Better Online Shopping Experience

We’ve all thought about how much first impressions count. Getting ready for that first date, meeting that important client, preparing a good sales pitch, we know that first impressions take only a split second to form (just 50 milliseconds, in fact!). 

This is no different for customers viewing your products online, taking just seconds of speed scrolling to decide whether they’re interested or not. And if those product photos aren’t great… yikes. 

Your product photos are make or break. So here are 5 great product photography ideas to help your products sell more.

1. Put your product into context 

Generally, we buy products because we have a specific use for it, whether that’s because we need it, or simply just want it. Help customers relate to the feeling your product brings by providing context around it. 

Ask your photographer for lifestyle photography, perhaps using models to show the product in use. This helps customers easily imagine themselves using your products and also helps create positive associations with your products.

Outdoor Fitness Photography - Zania Clothing

2. Use photo manipulation & CGI

Context can also be achieved through creative CGI photos. Perhaps plan to incorporate relevant CGI features into your product images, helping visually explain your product photos to the right audiences.


3. Create a variety of styles for different shopping needs

Online shopping saw its biggest increase ever during 2020, with online habits continuing to stay. The popularity of online shopping emphasises the importance of creating a strong online shopping experience. This is achieved with a strong variety of product photos, allowing an experience as close to in-person shopping as possible. 

This variety should include product photos that focus on details, features, sizes & other practical things we look out for when picking up a product in store. 

This helps customers get to know your products and ultimately encourage them to purchase.

4. Use reflective surfaces

One simple trick to great product photography is to use reflective surfaces. This helps create more depth to your product images, appearing more dynamic to the eye and emphasising the product’s authority.

Reflective surface product images make for great social media content, since they are especially eye catching.

5. Use consistent branding

When it comes to product photography, consistency is key. Your product photos don’t just reflect your products, they reflect your entire brand. This means that it’s important to remain visually consistent to sustain your online presence. Form a long-lasting impression that is strengthened by each picture. Avoid the mistake of re-introducing yourself every time with inconsistent product photos.

You can achieve this by incorporating your distinct brand qualities, such as brand colours, props, models, and photo styles. Recognition is the goal of almost every brand, to have their product photos seen by customers and instantly recognised as belonging to that brand.

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