4 Ways to Use Photography in Your Marketing

Whether you are marketing the next best product that everyone will be talking about, a new idea or just trying to grow your online audience, marketing photos effectively communicate a world of information into one simple visual format. Let’s face it, without photos, not many people will stay interested in your marketing messages. Sure, it’s great to read but in the age of information overload, learn how to use your marketing photos effectively in a way that cuts above the rest of the noise.

So, here are 5 ways to use photography in your marketing.

1. Use symbolism to define your marketing message

One of the most immediate and transparent ways to portray an effective marketing message is the use of symbolism in your commercial photography. Symbolism is the process of using subjects, props, texture, colours or expressions in your photos that are intended create a particular meaning. 

For example, the product photo above displays Richard Clarke skincare’s Vitamin ACE Serum. We used fruits notorious for these exact vitamins in the product photo to symbolise the vitamins featured in the product.

Apple use symbolism very well in their marketing campaigns to showcase feature innovation. For instance, their visual marketing content for the introduction of water resistant technology saw product photography that combined iPhones with splashing water. It sounds simple, but this is actually a very smart visual marketing strategy, in that this visual symbolism challenges the age old teaching that water and technology don’t mix. As a result, this immediately captures viewers’ attention.

2. Help focus the audience

Do you often find yourself balancing multiple marketing campaigns, but with little content to differentiate them? When considering how to run a marketing campaign, the first rule of thumb is to ensure it generates engagement and attention. When running multiple campaigns at once, as many businesses are used to doing, generating strong, relevant engagement for each separate campaign can become challenging.

This is where photography can help you. 

As visual beings, we make sense of the world through what we see. So it’s important to visually differentiate the marketing content you share online for each campaign. You might want to consider the colours you use in your marketing photography for each campaign, for example, our fitness photography services are branded using blue, whilst our product photography services are branded using purple.

We therefore incorporate these separate colours into our marketing visuals to differentiate the two areas and help focus the audience.

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How to attract customers' attention online with creative commercial photos

3. Contribute to your brand’s personality and voice

The photos you choose can add personality to your marketing and are an excellent opportunity to showcase your branding. Whether it’s through product photography, marketing photography, business headshots or personal branding, your photos speak volumes about your brand. So make your message loud and clear!

What do professional, high quality product photos say about your brand or the information you’re providing? What about the more casual smartphone photos? 

The aesthetic you choose for your business photos is just as important as any other piece of information you choose to include in your marketing.

4. Create a memorable brand

Lastly, the most powerful benefit of using photos in your marketing is that it allows you to build a memorable brand. What do all of the best brands have in common? Think about it. They all have recognisable visual qualities that they use consistently. 

For example, Coca Cola consistently use the colour red in their marketing photography. This consistent usage is what helps the brand sustain their memorable and popular presence.

As professional commercial photographers, we’d love to help give your marketing campaigns the striking visuals they deserve. Simply get in touch to see how we can help you.

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